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Can you catch the "Revelation" about 1977?

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Can you catch the "Revelation" about 1977?:

Many in the message would like you to think that William Branham's 1977 rapture and judgment prediction/prophesy/teaching was simply a flawed man's flawed thoughts--not a prophesy by inspiration of God, and not the revealed truth that only "the prophet" can give with authority and vindication as the "restorer of all things".

The problem with this explanation is that William Branham DID claim divine inspiration for the prediction. He claimed supernatural authority in making the prediction as God's prophet whose prophesies had never once failed, and he claimed scripture itself reveals the truth of this teaching during his 70 weeks of Daniel sermon series.

He left himself an escape from responsibility, though, because many false prophets had already claimed to know the date and failed--Charles Taze Russel (1914), Hebert Armstrong (1936/1943/1972/1975), Jehovah's Witnesses (1941/1975), Jim Jones of Jonestown (1967), among countless others. William Branham knew that a failed prophesy about the end of time could harm his credibility and his following could dwindle, so instead of calling it a "prophesy", he instead shrouded it with just enough deniability that if the prediction proved untrue he could still claim to be the one authority to Laodicea--he could still claim to be the mouthpiece of God.

Here are the questions we all must ask about this prediction:

1) If this was JUST a prediction, does that mean WMB's 'divine inspiration' was wrong? What ELSE did WMB say by 'divine inspiration' that should be discarded as untrue?

2) If this was JUST a prediction, does that mean that WMB's authority as "the mouthpiece of God" has limitations? If he could be wrong about this while claiming authority as a God-sent prophet, what ELSE is wrong? What ELSE deserved re-evaluation?

3) If this was JUST a prediction, does that mean WMB's bible teachings are suspect, since he taught this date tied into scripture in Daniel's 70 Weeks? How do we begin to separate the true "restored Word" from false teachings?


So I repeat, I sincerely believe and maintain as a private student of the Word, along with Divine inspiration that 1977 ought to terminate the world systems and usher in the millennium.

An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages - Chapter Nine - The Laodicean Church Age


Now, counting the time, we find that we have exactly (Listen.) seventeen years left, and we will have the same span of time given to us as God dealing with us in the power of the Holy Spirit since A.D. 33 until 1977, the same span of time of 1954 years. God deals with us the same as He did with the Jews. See? How about that? Now, mark down in your book a little Scripture here I want to give you. Leviticus 25, begin with the 8th verse. God calls a jubilee every forty-ninth year; the fiftieth year was the jubilee. We know that. We understand that. From the first jubilee of Leviticus 25:8, in 1977 will be the seventieth jubilee, making exactly 3,430 years. Jubilee means the going up, the release.

Branham, 61-0806, Daniel's Seventy Weeks


The Laodicean Age began around the turn of the Twentieth Century, perhaps 1906. How long will it last? As a servant of God who has had multitudes of visions, of which NONE has ever failed, let me predict (I did not say prophesy, but predict) that this age will end around 1977.

An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages - Chapter Nine - The Laodicean Church Age -