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William Branham On Salvation

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William Branham On Salvation:

Do you need to follow “the message of the hour” in order to be saved? Do you have to believe the messenger of the day in order to have true faith in Jesus Christ?

Let’s see what William Branham has to say about it.

(Those thinking they already know the answer to this question, just take a seat and listen to your prophet preach the Truth of the Gospel!)


--How are we saved? By faith? By works? By a combination of the two?

I said, "By believing Him." That's right. By believing and resting your faith upon His finished works; that's it. And every true, genuine, gift of God will point to Calvary on the finished works of the Lord Jesus Christ. There's no one can heal; there's no one can save; there's no one can add one thing to salvation, not a thing.
56-0406 - The Infallible Word Of God

You're saved by the merits of Christ. Is that right? Now, not trust your own merits; there's nothing you can do to be saved, only believe on Him. I couldn't go to heaven in my righteousness. Neither could you go there in your righteousness. God wouldn't receive it. But He will receive the righteousness of His Son. And if we believe on Him as the Scripture says, believe that He is, and will confess Him, He will work the righteousness in us.
50-0822 - Faith Without Works Is Dead

Now, man has always tried to save himself, and do different things to be saved by, but it's never has been in the New Testament by any works of our own; it's "by grace are you saved, through faith." That's the only thing that can save you is grace.
53-0325 - Israel And The Church #1


--But don’t we need to be baptized, accept the message of the hour, and follow a code of holiness first to truly be saved and go to heaven when we die?

Now, while you all have your heads bowed, you with the Holy Ghost, now you, every one of you that believes and accepted Jesus as your Saviour, while the rest of the audience looks this way, raise up your hand. Raise up your hand, you that accepted Jesus as your Saviour. Now, there's a witness. Now, according to the Word of God, God witnesses to you in Heaven. A hour ago, you'd have went to hell. Now you'd go to Heaven if you died. That's the difference between death and Life, by your faith in Jesus Christ. Is that right? You are alive now; you are made a new creature.
52-0720A - Life Story

Aren't you glad that He said, "Hear ye Him." Why? Moses represents the law. No man could keep the law. There's no flesh saved by the law. The law is a—a condemner of the people. No one could be saved who keepeth the law. No works that you can do can save you. You might do one thing, join church, baptize forward, backwards, whatever you would. That doesn't have anything to do with it. You are not saved by your works. It's by grace are you saved; that's a gift of God. "No one man can come to Me except My Father draws him first.
57-0125 - Hear Ye Him


--But what about following the right leader!? Doesn’t salvation come from the “messenger of the hour’s message”? What about those that don’t know about William Branham or don’t come under his ministry?

Now, the only thing that a minister could do would be preach to you salvation in the cross. He couldn't save you. There's no preacher tell you he can save you. He asks you to accept what Jesus has already done. Is that right? How many of you are pastors, do that, raise your hand? Sure, you accept Christ. Now, he can preach, but he can't save; but he points you to Calvary. You accept it, then when you come up, and say, "Now, I take Jesus as my personal Saviour," you believe in your heart that you are saved. Now, the critics on the outside say, "Oh, John, there's no difference in you. Why, you look just the same as you al—..." But, you might look the same; you might not feel any different; but in your heart you believe you're different. See? Then you confess that you're different. "He that will confess Me before men, I'll confess him before the Father and the holy angels." 39 Now, if you believe you're better, then you say you're better; you act like you're better. See? You say, "Yes, sir, I'm—I'm saved." You associate with those that are saved. You believe you're saved. You act like you're saved, and it works righteousness. Is that right? That's 'cause He was wounded for your transgressions, setting at the right hand of the Father to make good anything you confess.
51-0923 - The Principles Of Divine Healing

--Well, should I at least be sure and find the right church with the holiest congregation? Aren’t those denominations evil, the weaker Christians poison, and shouldn’t I come out from among them?

And brother, you might take, join this church, join that church, you'll go to the Methodist awhile. If they do something over there you don't like, you'll take your paper out and go over and join the Baptist. If you don't like it over there, well, you'll come over here at the Nazarene, join them. You go back over to the Presbyterians and join them or over at the Christian Church. You've packed your paper till it's wore out. Why don't you forget, and tear the thing up, and put your name on the Lamb's Book of Life in Heaven, where it can't be moved. And there with fellowship with the Methodist brother, the Baptist, the Presbyterian, and come together in these union meetings and worship God and let your heart be open and be a brother to all men. Say, "God bless you, brother." If the man's in the wrong, don't condemn him, help him up. When you see these drunks and prostitutes on the street, don't point your scornful finger and say, "I'm better than they are." The thing to do, that person's just as low as they can get now, if anything, take them by the hand and lift them up and point them to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who can save them. But, oh, "I belong to the churches, we don't have such people as that in our churches." We've drawed a boundary line now. We just let a certain class of people come to our churches. That's right. What we need today is that old-fashion, Holy Ghost revival, a nationwide, which makes us all shake hands with one another and call one another, "brother and sister." God bless you.
53-1018 - Elijah


I think that cleared up those misconceptions :)

Confused about why William Branham preaches it so emphatically two (or three or four) different ways?

We were too, which is why we walked away from the confusion and into the Truth of the Gospel by grace alone through Christ alone revealed in Scripture alone.

Suddenly, this whole salvation thing gets a lot easier to understand.

Romans 10:9

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved!