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Things we can agree on

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Things we can agree on:

We so often dwell on the things William Branham said that we don't agree on, we thought we'd take a moment and reflect on a couple of things he said that we agree with completely!

Many message believers will be surprised to learn that their prophet said a few of these since they differ so much with the established doctrine in message churches. Nevertheless, he said it and that settles it, right? ;)


William Branham on judging people by the heart and not their outward appearance:

“Now, we never judge people by how much they own, or how big a homes they live in, how they dress. We judge them by what's in their heart. That's where God lives, in the heart. And when you find simplicity, humility, and loveliness, and... That—that's what we love.”
62-0724 - Sir, We Would See Jesus


William Branham on Christian denominations: different fellowships that all belong to the body of believers:

“Dear brother, sister, there's only one Church, and that's the body of believers out of every church, that are truly believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. That's the only Church there is. We do not come into the Church—into the Church of God. We become into this fellowship; the Baptist fellowship, the Methodist fellowship, the Catholic fellowship, the Presbyterian fellowship. We become in there by a working agreement, like the unions have in the churches. But in the Church of the living God, we do not come in by letter, by—by handshake, by water baptism. But the Scripture says, "By one Spirit we are all baptized into one Body." A Christian, regardless of what fellowship we're connected with, we are borned a Christian by the Spirit of God, and we become believers on His Name.”
51-0727 - The Church Of The Living God


William Branham on fellowshipping with those that differ doctrinally from you:

He said, "You know what we are going to do?" Said, "We're drawing a little ring and drawing you right out of our circle."...If you draw me out, I'll draw you back in." I said...?... "When you make one circle, God, by His grace, will let me draw another one and pull you right back in." That's right. Draw them right back again...
61-0425B - The Godhead Explained


William Branham on the sufficiency of Christ alone for salvation:

"For there's not another Name given under heaven among men whereby a man may be saved." Not, Baptist don't save you; Presbyterian don't save you; Catholic don't save you; Jesus saves you. All in the little textbooks, man-made theories, they put them down; "That's what we believe." And that's the reason we stay away from it. We have no textbook but the Bible, no leading, no bishop but the Spirit. That's right. And then, if there's a wrong spirit that comes in will try to twist something in there, the Word will untwist it.”
58-0928M - The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit


William Branham on judging himself as a false prophet:

If these things that I have said come to pass, then you believe God. If they do not come to pass, then I—I am a false prophet then.
50-0713 - Obey The Voice Of The Angel


William Branham on the Trinity:

“See, the Bible, First John 5:7 said there are three that bear record in heaven: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and—Father, Word, and Holy Ghost, which was the Son, and these three are one. And there's three that bear record in earth: the water, Blood, and Spirit, and they agree in one; not one, but agree in one. You can't have the Father without having the Son; you can't have the Son without having the Holy Ghost, for they are inseparable, one. The trinity is in a one.”
53-0608A - Demonology, Physical Realm


William Branham on the Ordinance of Baptism:

“Eat of the bread... Now, I know Jesus is the Bread of Life; that's true. But this is a symbol just like baptism. Baptism doesn't save you; baptism is only a sign that you're witnessing to the congregation that you believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It doesn't save you. Water will not save. It's your faith that saves you.”
59-0628E - Questions And Answers


William Branham on the simple Gospel message of Christ:

You don't have to go to school and know some great theology, or—or say some great long creeds, and speak names that the one that's giving it to you doesn't know what it means. The only thing you have to know, is know that Jesus died to save sinners, and His Blood washes you white as snow. That's it, simple childlike faith.
60-0709 - God's Provided Way Of Approach To Fellowship