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Dispensational Truth by Clarence Larkin

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A Look Inside The Cover of Larkin's Dispensational Truth:

William Branham taught that the Seven Churches of Asia Minor found in the book of Revelation were symbolic of seven church "ages," starting with the time of the Apostle Paul, and ending with himself as the "messenger" for the final age. According to Branham, he was given divine revelation as to these ages, dates, and messengers, and followers of Branham's ministry believe this doctrine to be scriptural truth.

This teaching is loosely based upon the doctrines of John Darby, well known to be the "father of dispensationalism." The teaching seems to have originated with a mystic named Jane Leade, who established a religious group that called themselves "The Philadelphia Society." Leade's teachings on the "dispensations of the ages" became more widely known through members of her following, and was ultimately spread by Cyrus Scofield and his Scofield study bible. Interestingly, Leade's prophecies were found among the posessions of Charles Price, a Los Angeles pastor whose church Branham frequented.

Branham's timeline for the "church ages" seems to be identical to the drawings of Clarence Larkin in his work entitled Dispensational Truth. The same dates that Larkin used for his drawings are used in Branham's teaching, with the exception of the last age, which Branham pointed to himself. And while Larkin did not list messengers for each age, Branham chose messengers to align with these ages, erroneously picking one messenger that was not alive during his church age.

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