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The Park - William Branham and Homosexual Predators

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The Park - William Branham and Homosexual Predators:

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The most common email or private message we receive, often used as a rebuke in a comment to one of our Facebook posts, is a question used as a distraction: Why do you constantly speak against William Branham? There are pastors in America now allowing homosexuals in their churches! Pick on them instead!

Avoiding the obvious disregard for the Gospel and the plan of salvation worded into this question, we'd like to take the time to answer it at the same level of mindset that would ask such a question. Christians who are familiar with the Gospel realize that Christ came to save the sinner, not to turn them away. A physician who came for the sick, not the well.

Many in William Branham's cult are not aware that their "message" was in the hands of sexual deviants. Even fewer are aware of the results of the commune that William Branham blessed, and fewer still are those familiar with the "vision" that Branham used to promote their very tragic ministry. Those who do know keep silent, in an attempt to cover up solid evidence of failure for Branham's claim to "know the very secrets of the heart" or to have established an end-time-message based on spiritual vision.

Those who have seen our statements on this subject deny their accuracy, claiming twisting of Branham's words or even creating paragraphs that were not originally from William Branham. It's very difficult to believe, when Voice of God Recordings refuses to translate all sermons into other languages -- only a few from the entire "message" are available in printed form. Is fifty years not enough time?

Here is one example, using their own search tool, "The Table." There are plenty more, all you need do is look!