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William Branham And The Dylann Roof Massacre

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William Branham And The Dylann Roof Massacre:

Once again, our country is torn apart by regurgitating racism produced by the brutally abominable history of slavery and segregation. Many are following the news as it emerges, how Dylann Roof wore African Apartheid and other racially degrading patches, and have seen the conversations with his school mates describing his wanting to reinstitute segregation. Promoting the errors of our past, he wanted to separate the white man and the black man, from the schools they attend to the sections of the restaurant they are allowed to dine, to the bathrooms they are permitted to enter. It is a disgrace.

We do not make lightly of what happened in this tragedy. Nor do we claim that William Branham was in any way directly behind this evil. But we are reminded that the evil history of this nation was an evil far more widespread than Branham's followers, and it was an evil that William Branham often supported in crowds that supported this racial system. Telling stories with the intent of painting a picture of the African American that is pleased with segregation, he'd make statements like, "A colored man is satisfied in the state he is in, so they don't need those things." ( 63-0628M - O Lord, Just Once)

There are many examples we can show to expose William Branham as a false prophet. Even through his own words, the India Prophecy failed, and we have mounds of concrete evidence that his Bridge Vision was taken from newspaper articles for an event on a different bridge before his birth. "Prophecies" of cars taken directly from newspaper articles and more, angelic conversation that came from books by Clarence Larkin, he was more of reader than he was a prophet. But this issue runs deeper than his failed prophecies or plagiarism and gross twisting of scripture. His promoting segregation, and promoting it only to specific crowds while rejecting it to others, displays a hidden agenda that is purely evil. This false teaching exposes his claim to be an "End Time Messenger" of God, and opens eyes as to exactly whose "messenger" William Branham became. The God of the Bible cannot and does not allow messengers teaching evil. We do not reject the fact that Branham was a messenger, but there are numerous examples -- just like this of segregation -- that tell us exactly which direction this "messenger" was leading us.

Please continue to pray for those involved in the tragedy in South Carolina. May God be with them, and may this be a wake up call for a bleeding nation.