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Logical Fallacies--The Strawman

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Logical Fallacies--The Strawman:

Those that leave the message of William Branham to follow Christ usually have very well defined reasons for their decision.

Here at STT, those reasons are thoroughly documented on

Nevertheless, those attempting to undermine our position will often try and downplay the importance of addressing the facts and muddle the debate with logical fallacies. One such fallacy that we see time and time again is called "the strawman argument".

Instead of addressing the clearly presented facts about the false prophesies, the false teachings, the lies in William Branham's life story, and the rotten fruit throughout the movement, some will instead argue that we here at STT are motivated by something besides a search for truth, that we have personal issues that are the cause for our "slandering the prophet", or that we believe and espouse something we have never have.

These fabricated assaults on our credibility and the truth of our argument may work for a time. But one need only read the website to see the arguments we are presenting, and the ignorance of those using the strawman argument.There is no need for speculation--the facts can speak for themselves, and WE can speak for ourselves.

We know what our arguments against the message and against William Branham are--they have been thoroughly expressed, and we are willing and able to defend those positions with documentation. What we cannot continue to do is clarify our position immediately after we have clearly defined it.

Let's take the arguments back to the facts. William Branham made false prophesies--like the India Vision he admitted failed. He taught unscriptural things--like the Zodiac and the Pyramids being God's first bibles. He lied about his childhood, his birthdate, and countless other things in his life story; the fruit on this tree is rotten, and the cause is the roots.

He is, therefore a false prophet, a false teacher, a false testimony, and the message is a false movement.