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Did William Branham Ban Soccer?

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Did William Branham Ban Soccer?:

It is a common-held belief in African message churches that William Branham forbade his followers from participating or watching soccer games.

The belief, of course, has very little to no basis in truth. William Branham never once mentioned the sport--soccer/football/futball, though extremely popular in other parts of the world is less so in the United States, and was even more unpopular during WMB's lifetime. He never so much as said the word, "soccer"--nor does he make mention of it in any fashion.

Though from time to time William Branham did speak against sports, most of the followers in the United States believe that the rules regarding sport participation and enjoyment are much more lenient. Indeed, in practically every message church in the Western world you will find little boys on baseball teams, men that enjoy watching American football games after church on Sundays, and even girls playing sports (in their skirts or culottes, of course). Even Voice of God Recordings has volleyball nets, paintball fields and go-carts for the youth. William Branham was explicit that sports should not be played on Sundays--some will honor this, and others will make justifications around it.

Exceptionally few ban sports all together.

So why then does this teaching abound?

--Some pastors are knowingly lying. Since their congregants place more stock in "the prophet" than the scriptures, attributing this teachings to WMB carries more weight and is more effective at controlling their behavior than appeals to traditional "holiness" teachings based upon (misapplied) scripture alone.
--Some may have been told this by another, and since they don't understand the English language and since all the sermons are not translated into other languages by Voice of God, they have no way to check.
--Some may believe, like the rare few in the West, that sports are "worldly" entertainments and should be completely rejected in every form.


The question African believers need to ask themselves is this: what ELSE is your pastor lying about? What else are you being taught about William Branham's teachings are false?

If you study the actual teachings of Branham you will see that the "fruits" at the end--pastors that lie, pastors that commit heinous crimes, followers that beat their wives and children, and so, so much more....all of this rottenness is a symptom of a much bigger problem.

The tree from the roots is rotten. William Branham is a false prophet, and the Message is a Christian cult.