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Logical Fallacies-The Ad Hominem

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Logical Fallacies-The Ad Hominem:

Often, when supporters of William Branham cannot argue the facts presented by those who have left the message, they will employ logical fallacies--or flawed logical arguments--in order to justify their continued belief in "the prophet", his false prophesies, his unscriptural teachings, and his many fabricated stories.

Ad Hominem attacks are one such logical fallacy.

It does not matter who is presenting the facts--the facts speak for themselves. It does not matter who is making the arguments--if you cannot logically refute them, the reputation of your opponent whether good or bad cannot make your own position any more valid. Truth is truth, whether you believe it or not, whether you like it our not, and whether you accept it or not.

Pointing fingers at ex-message believers that are sharing the Truth is not going to change the facts:

William Branham is STILL a false prophet.