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Pastors Leading Their Congregations From William Branham Back To The Bible

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Pastors Leading Their Congregations From William Branham Back To The Bible:

Br. Joe Hefflin, pastor and devout follower of the "Message" for over 40 years, gives his personal testimony of why he chose to instead become a devout follower of Jesus Christ. In his testimony, he describes both his journey into the message and his journey out, seeking God's truth and trusting the leading of the Holy Spirit all along the way.

"Someone might ask what the message of Br. Branham has done for me. I believe it has cause me to have more faith in the Word by searching out the Truth of it, to be sure that what I believe can be backed up by Scripture and Spiritual understanding."
- Bro. Joe Hefflin

Using both the Bible and William Branham's own recorded instructions, Bro. Hefflin walks through a sample of the many times William Branham's "gift" contradicted itself or strayed from Scripture.

"I feel under the delusion of Satan, many honest people have made Bro. Branham and/or his message an Idol, by putting the Message equal with, or above the Word. Good sincere people do not do this willingly, but because of what has been drummed into them by the ministry, they do it subconsciously. I even had one minister tell me that Bro. Branham corrected the errors in the Bible; another simply said we should take what Bro. Branham said, because we look at the Scripture with a carnal mind."
- Bro. Joe Hefflin

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