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William Branham's ability to "discern the thoughts of the heart" is what many believe "vindicate" him as a prophet.

Surprisingly many message believers are unaware that WMB gave credit to a number of very different supernatural events, abilities, or entities as the source of healing in his prayer lines:

1) Discernment is the most well-known and understandably so. It is the only one with any basis in scripture whatsoever--though the application of this 'gift' as the sign of a prophet is terribly weak and poor exegesis indeed.

2) Hand Vibrations: WMB claimed he had the supernatural ability to determine the disease of the individual standing before him by sensing vibrations in their hands. Most of the mentions of this talent are in early sermons or references back to earlier times when this gift was in effect. He does not claim to be determining diseases through hand vibrations in his later ministry.

3) Amber Light: Though "amber" is a color associated with the mineral and therefore yellow, gold, and orange in hue, William Branham claimed that his "amber light" was yellowish-green. This light, according to WMB, would settle upon an individual and cause their healing.

4) His Angel: WMB often claimed that the angel that spoke to him in his room/cave accompanied him on the platform during prayer lines, and it was through this angel that people were healed and the power of God could be present in the meetings.

5) His own supernatural ability to heal: WMB asks his congregation to believe in HIM for their healing on a number of occasions. He tells them that his prayers are special--that God promised that if the people would believe HIM (William Branham) that his prayers would always be answered by God.

6) Visions into the demonic realm. On a number of occasions, WMB tells of the shape and appearance of demons and supernatural spirits that hang over people, and by recognizing these demons WMB claims he would know the problems in the life of a person in the prayer line or audience.The sermons series "Demonology" goes into vast detail about this particular method of healing/disease determination.


So, which one is it?

Perhaps it is time to consider the possibility that "discernment" and telling people their disease was a result of memorizing prayer cards and information fed to him by those working the crowd. Perhaps it is time to consider the possibility that "the uncertain sound" we are warned of in scripture can be clearly heard on the contradictory, confusing, and ever-changing recorded sermons.