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John F. Kennedy - William Branham Prophecy Fulfilled

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John F. Kennedy - William Branham Prophecy Fulfilled:

Cult followers are quick to forget President John F. Kennedy. Sure, they remember the nation's history, and some are even intrigued with conspiracy theory, but as it applies to the cult, they turn a blind eye. Why? Because Kennedy is an "elephant in the room."

Kennedy was the perfect arch-enemy to Branham's "Elijah Superhero." To the cult, Branham was the humble Elijah facing the wicked Jezebel and her "Ahab" -- who Branham claimed to be Jacqueline and John Kennedy. It was, he claimed, the fulfillment of "prophecy."

But the prophecy Branham claimed vindication for, and the prophecy the cult pastors teach, are two different things. Polar opposite, even. Cult pastors use fear tactics that refocus this prophecy to a future fulfillment -- not a past. They claim that if Hillary Clinton is elected, it will once again "vindicate" a prophecy that is pointed to our future -- not our past.

Why do they not mention THIS version of the prophecy? Is it because Kennedy's assassination exposed William Branham's hind quarters as false prophet?