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William Branham's Trumpet of Uncertainty

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William Branham's Trumpet of Uncertainty:

In the early part of his ministry, William Branham claimed that communism was the Mark of the Beast, and claimed that he prophesied of the rise of communism in his prophecies of 1933. But in the latter part of his ministry, Branham claimed that all denominations that rejected his message had already taken the Mark of the Beast, promoting the idea that there were two classes of people: us (those who did not have the Mark), and "them" those that rejected his ministry and had taken the Mark of the Beast.

As Branham's "trumpet of warning" started sounding, it became very evident that it was blowing in many different directions with uncertainty. While in the cult, it was very difficult to determine which "Mark of the Beast" we were supposed to believe, and which were simply "missed marks."

Here are a few of Branham's targets to listeners trying to focus their aim to a moving target:

* Communism
* Apostacy
* Union of Churches
* Unbelief
* Catholicism
* Rome
* Not having the Gift of the Holy Spirit
* To blaspheme the Holy Spirit
* Any denomination of faith other than Branham's
* Not descending from the seed of Abraham