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Branham's Bible Bashing Bonanza

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Branham's Bible Bashing Bonanza:

Recently, many from developing nations have contacted Seek The Truth, willing to accept that William Branham had failed prophecies, lied about spiritual events, and even lied about his own life story. "What does it matter?" they ask. Branham taught us about the Word!

It isn't until that they realize that Voice of God Recordings has only translated a VERY limited number of sermons into other languages during the course of the past fifty years that they realize that there is a problem. What are they hiding? Has fifty years not been long enough?

We can't answer the question as to why the multi-million-dollar organization refuses to offer the sermons to every nation and tongue. They claim it is the "gospel," and by default replaces the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Isn't the rapture supposed to occur when the "gospel" has been spread to every tribe and tongue?

Maybe it is because the printed sermons themselves are causing an exodus. As people read, without the Hitler-style screaming that lulls people to sleep, they realize that Branham's inventions include invented scriptures. Branham's changing details of truth includes changing details of Bible verses.

Could it be that Voice of God Recordings is unwilling to translate the sermons to foreign lands because it would come at a time when more and more people are now educated and have a good understanding of Scripture?