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William Branham Shortnickers

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William Branham Short Knickers:

For those of you searching our website for the photo of William Branham in "shortnickers" or "shortknickers," you will find difficulty returning any results. In the United States, "knickers" are called "pants," and "shortknickers" are called "shorts." Therefore, searching for "shorts" would return the photograph of William Branham in Africa proudly posing in his short pants and suntanned legs, while searching for "shortknickers" would return no results.

We felt it necessary to create a blog post entitled "Shortknickers" for those in countries that call "pants" "knickers," and call "shorts" "shortknickers." This way, the google search utility can index the word "shortknickers" and display William Branham wearing "shortknickers" in Africa while he himself preached hellfire and brimstone to all "sissies" that wore "shortknickers."

If you feel that there is another word for "shortknickers" that should be indexed, please send it in for us to blog about! And if there is another word for "naked chest," there are other photos we can index that defy all message legend.

William Branham Shorts and Shortnickers