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Why Does The Birthdate Matter, Anyway

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Why Does The Birthdate Matter, Anyway:

William Branham gave three birthdates. Why does it matter, asks the cult pastors? Why do we care if he knew his own birthday or not? Maybe it was a time in history when people just didn't know their birthday!

But William Branham claimed each of the three with absolute knowledge. Two of them were tied to spiritual events, and one of them bound to the marriage of his first wife. Take away the one that he claimed was the "Moses was given two signs" life story, and one chooses his "Moses" ministry over his "Elijah" ministry. Choose his "Elijah" story so that he can be cult leader John Alexander Dowie's successor, and one must remove his "Moses" ministry.

Choose what he signed to government documents, and you remove both "supernatural" life stories...