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William Branham's "Future Home" Plagiarism

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William Branham's "Future Home" Plagiarism:

William Branham claimed that his sermons came from "visions," and one such "vision" was his "Future home of the Heavenly Bridegroom and the Earthly Bride."

"Now, way I always find my messages is by prayer. I'll be setting in prayer and something reveals to me. And I wait on it a few minutes and see if it's right, then I feel it closer. And then sometimes I keep waiting till breaks into a vision. But when it begins to come and I'm satisfied it comes from God, then I go to the Scripture."
William Branham - 64-0802

It would appear, however, that instead of "going to the scripture," he went directly to a book by Clarence Larkin. In fact, it would appear that the entire "vision" came directly from Larkin's book.

Why would a messenger from God claim divine vision over the writings of a man? Is this God's idea of a future home, or Larkin's?