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Lee Vayle on the Bridge Prophesy

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Lee Vayle on the Bridge Prophesy:

For years, we have known that the 'official story' about the Bridge Prophesy made by William Branham was false. After the exhaustive research conducted by, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the story told by William Branham was a wild imagination--nothing even remotely similar occurred at the Municipal Bridge in Jeffersonville. 16 men did not drown during the construction. It simply did not happen.

Voice of God Recordings tried to sell us on the idea that the men fell in a vat of concrete, getting the son of a mayor of Jeffersonville to tell a third-hand account of an accident of which there is no evidence. This explanation, even IF true (which we are convinced is not) would make William Branham a false prophet still, for the explanation doesn't match what is said on recorded tapes.

One of the more interesting excuses/explanations we've been able to locate is this one by Lee Vayle. He owns that the Municipal Bridge in Jeff did not suffer such a tragedy during construction and suggests that the "prophesy" was a "vision of a past event"--the Big Bridge in Jeffersonville, where 16 men did die during 1890.

When your own followers cannot agree that the prophesies are true, it's time to reevaluate. We urge all to read this, compare it to the recorded sermons, and then read over It may lead you somewhere you never expected to go, but Truth matters. Study it through, and be willing to say, "I am wrong. I need to change and follow Christ where He leads me."