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The paperback version of William Branham-20th Century Charlatan is now available for your bookshelf through the Amazon Store!!!

This book is an examination of the fundamental issues with the Message of the Hour, the religious cult following of William Branham.

Truth is a fixture, one that cannot be moved. Truth is based upon facts, and facts are based upon solid information. Faith in truth is incredibly easy — as more information presents itself, there is an increase of facts that lie in favor of truth. No matter which viewpoint is taken, if the information is accurate, the end result of researching facts will end in proving truth.
Facts themselves cannot change. They are the solid foundation of truth. If one tries to hide the facts, then one also hides the truth. If one tries to move or change a fact, then one also moves or changes the truth.
When this becomes necessary for faith, then one's faith cannot be considered faith in truth.


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