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Seminary preacher reminds me of a incubator chicken. A little incubator chicken just chirps, and chirps, and chirps, and ain't got no mammy. He's mechanically turned out. Puts me in a mind of a incubator preacher too. That's right.
Branham 50-0115 - Believest Thou This?

Stunning photo, isn't it? Branham proudly standing in front of the International Bible College, founded by Leonard W Coote (

Now, the first meeting, when I come to San Antonio. I was there, I think, with Brother Coote and the—and the International Bible School. And I forget the auditorium we had the service in. And it was either my first night or second night, I think the first night, when I was walking to the platform, someone raised up in the building, way back in the back, and spoke with tongues, like a—a machine gun firing. And he had no more than sat down, just a moment or two, till one raised on the platform and give the interpretation.
63-1229E - Look Away To Jesus