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Torturing Turtles for Fun

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Torturing Turtles for Fun:

One time me and my little brother, that's gone on... We were out walking around in the woods, and we found an old terrapin. I don't know whether you Texans know what a terrapin is or not. And kinda walks funny. And we thought that's the funniest looking thing that we'd ever seen. So I... When we got up to him... He puts me just in the mind of a lot of people that goes to a gospel meeting, as soon as something's said they don't like, get up and go out, just while the preaching's going on. Just like that old turtle pulled hisself back in his own shell. Well, I said, "You know... wonder how we could make him run again?" So I said, "Way mama makes me run is by a switch." So I went and got a switch, and I just poured it on him. It didn't do no good. You can't do it that way. Certainly, you can't. So I thought around a little while, and I said, "Well, there's a little creek running right down there. He'll walk or I'll drowned him." And I took him down there and stuck him down in the water. Just a few bubbles come up and that was all there was to it. You...?... make any difference. You can baptize them this way or that way. Don't do no good. You can't get them to run for the Lord like that. But you know what I did? I built up a little fire and set the old boy on that; he really went running then. What we need tonight is not a arguing on a little creed, but what we need tonight is the Holy Ghost and fire...?... old fashion powers of God to burn sin and selfishness, disrespect for each other, burn it out of us with the love of God. That's right.

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