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Voice of God Recordings Contradictions (continued)

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Voice of God Recordings Contradictions (continued):

"I'm already a Christian. Does this information on this website really matter to me?

Yes! Christians should believe all of God's Word; that's why we go to church and read our Bibles. Why would you believe the part of the Bible that says Jesus died for your sins, and disregard how sin started in the Garden of Eden?"

(from the FAQS section of


"I have but one motive and one objective and that's to promote Brother Branham and this Message."

(Joseph Branham, Russia Ministers Meeting Sept. 22, 2006)


Is this about the Bible and believing all it teaches--or is this about promoting a man? Reading through the website, it is clear that the end goal isn't to support Bible study for all Christians to grow--this is about getting people to believe "the message".

We already knew the motivation of Voice of God Recordings was never to benefit the 'nominal Christians' or encourage all to a higher Walk with the Lord. It has ALWAYS been about promoting the man, William Branham.

But why obscure it to 'new recruits' in this outreach website?