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Mind Control and Brainwashing

For those that don't believe the message taught by William Branham and perpetuated worldwide in Message churches constitutes mind control, consider the following:

The Message meets most if not all signs of a cult in every single one of the definitions of a Cult, mind control group, or brainwashing ideology available from reputable scholarly and Christian apologetic sources. Let's take a look at one today: the BITE model.


The BITE model of a Cult by Steven Hassan:

B-Behavior Control: Controls dress, diet, sleep deprivation (church camp, anyone?), finances, leisure and entertainment, permission required for big decisions, discouraged individualism and self-expression, rigid rules and regulations, values dependency and obedience over independent thought and leadership skills.

I-Information Control: Deliberately withholds information from new members and outsiders, minimize or discourage access to anti-cult information and resources, limits contact with former members, compartmentalize relationships: "believers vs. unbelievers", extensive use of cult-generated materials, using privately shared information in public sermons.

T-Thought Control: Insist upon black and white thinking, use of loaded language, teaching thought-stopping behaviors ("put it on the shelf", anyone?), rejection of rational thought and minimize value of education, labeling alternative beliefs as illegitimate, evil, or corrupt.

E-Emotional Control: Manipulate and narrow the range of acceptable feelings, some emotions discouraged as selfish or evil, promote feelings of guilt or unworthiness as valuable and desirable, instill fear of disapproval, shunning, and losing one's salvation, name-calling, shunning, and forces exclusion of ex-members. There's never a legitimate reason to leave.


Judge for yourself honestly--Does the Message fit the BITE model of a cult? Be honest with yourself. Don't allow yourself to remain trapped in something harmful.

God Bless You, and keep Seeking the Truth!