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We'd Like Your Suggestions!

John Collins11/05/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

We'd like to have your suggestions!

You noticed yesterday that there is a new voice behind Seek The Truth, and with that new voice, the site is taking a new direction. It's time for a change. The last three years, we have overturned every stone, from the major issues to minor, from the solid facts to the conspiracy theories with enough supporting evidence to make a case for the theory. We could continue finding more -- I don't think we will ever find a time where every single lie has been uncovered.

But we have enough.

There is enough information out there now for any person seeking to find their answers. Unless willfully ignorant, anyone with a desire for truth will make their decision.

It's time to shift focus to those who have left, and help build confidence in a world that is now more difficult for them than "normal people" living "normal lives." The reality is that we may never me "normal," but that does not mean that we cannot be strong. And there is strength in messages of encouragement.

Seek The Truth is going to turn back towards the audience it was intending to reach from the very beginning: Those who have left, those beaten and bruised by the harsh punishment of abuse. This obviously includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, but for the most part spiritual abuse. Some of you may think that we did not endure abuse like some of the worst cases, but the reality is that we were all abused if we were a member of the cult. Some just had more types of abuse than others.

We are taking a scriptural approach to this goal, but we are not reaching out to those who are "Christians only," "orthodox righteous," or any other "members-only" form of segregations. Again, back to the original intent for Seek the Truth, there is only one rule you must follow for us to give you support and encouragement: ask us.

I know that there are some who are no longer Christians, some no longer religious, and some firmly against religion of any sort. So the thought of another "religious fanatic" offering support is offensive. Our goal is to take an approach that is not exclusive, and I believe that this can be done without altering our focus.

The Bible does have passages that will offend a non-Christian. But when read in context, the concepts behind many of these passages can be used to describe what the world would call "common sense." I've been in contact with atheists who left the cult for morals and standards that they knew were absent, yet these morals and standards are found in scripture.

This is what we call "common ground."

So we want your suggestions for the upcoming posts by the new voice of Seek The Truth. Tell us what you struggled with after leaving the cult, no matter how big or small, or even silly it seemed. We had an unhealthy level of closeness in the cult, and removing a person from the "hive" can lead the mind into all sorts of struggles.

The floor is open, it's time for YOUR voice to be heard! Please Contact Us to submit your suggestion!