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Jim Jones and William Branham The Doomsday Prophet

John Collins09/12/2014
Seek The Truth Blog


We have been asked by a professional agency to spread awareness worldwide as to the connection between Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre and William Branham the doomsday prophet. We are compiling a comprehensive list of similarities between the two cult leaders, their interaction with each other, and Branham's impact on Jones' ministry. 

Here are the main points, but we also welcome the smaller details:

* Branham was close to Howard Cadle of the Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis.
* Branham claimed to have given personal interviews to the followers of Jones, practicing his "discernment" ritual
* Branham was the headlining act for Jones at the Cadle Tabernacle
* Branham's joint campaign with Jones at the Cadle Tabernacle was misfiled under a different year for a long period of time by VOGR
* Branham is credited for "Kick starting" Jones' Ministry
* Jones is quoted on the FBI tapes stating that Branham told him there was "no money" in the pathway he was taking.
* Jones was involved in the healing campaigns to some capacity
* Jones was known by name at the Jeffersonville Branham Tabernacle, and is mentioned on recorded tape 
* Jones claimed to have the same "vibrating hand gift" and "discernment gift" that Branham and Oral Roberts had
* Jones stood on golden gate at anti suicide rally in 77 saying he felt suicidal that day
* Jones relocated to Guyana in 1977, the year of Branham's doomsday prophecy
* Jones initiated the mass suicide in 1978, shortly after Branham's doomsday prophecy failed.

We also have witness testimony to people in a "park" similar to Gene & Leo's commune who were followers of Branham. Many in that commune went to Guyana also, according to this witness. Interested to hear if other Branham communes made the journey to death in Guyana.