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The Light Struck The Lens

John Collins08/13/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

We have received several questions over the past three years concerning the lighting in the Houston Coliseum that has been the result of what appears to be "halos" over the heads of the Beatles, basketball players, and more. Those asking are usually shocked when they learn that there was no "Religious Hall of Art," and that George J. Lacy was not the "head of the F.B.I." as William Branham claimed.

Some have seen the Voice of Healing edition, describing the photograph, and its being held for copyright by Douglas Studios, as well as Lacy's report which mentions none of the statements concerning the supernatural -- as Branham also claimed.

Here is the entry at the Library of Congress, where documents are stored when submitted for copyright protection in the United States. Notice that it mentions a hand-written statement describing a "light over Rev. William Branham's head".

Also, notice that it does NOT mention the supernatural, as Branham claimed.