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Horizons - by Norman Bel Geddes

John Collins07/25/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

In 1932, Norman Bel Geddes published a prophetic book of the advancements in science that were soon to become reality -- a full year prior to the 1933 Chicago World's Fair William Branham admitted to attending.

This book will be an eye opener to any who are familiar with Branham's alleged prophecies regarding not only the egg-shaped car, but his many statements of how science would progress.

It is interesting that Voice of God Recordings cannot produce Branham's "book of prophecy," though Branham claims to have written them in the "flyleaf of his bible," "notebook in the drawer," and "buried in the cornerstone in 1933." It is also more interesting that when the cornerstone was replaced, the pastor of the tabernacle witnessed the empty cornerstone.

But what is most interesting is that Bel Geddes book of his "vision" of the future seems to be strikingly close to what we see today. And that he actually recorded his "vision" beforehand so that all could see his predictions come to pass.

... this compared to William Branham, whose predictions cannot be verified.

Some interesting statements in the book:

"This form is approximately that of an egg, though the small end of the drop tapers more sharply to a conical point. In falling, the larger and blunt end of the drop is foremost. This is the shape that creates the least turbulence"
Page 45, "Motor Cars and Buses"

"It is my prediction that within the next two or three years some farseeing manufacturer will again turn his attention to making his machine go, that this time his design will be the result of what has been learned in this motorized-buggy era. This means that he will start afresh and that his objective will be the ultimate form of the future motor car. This car will look very different from those you seen on the road to-day but not very different from Car Number 8 as illustrated here."
Page 63, "Motor Cars and Buses"