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John Collins05/29/2014
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Recently, Voice of God Recordings published a video testimony concerning their only argument to the information found on and the failed "Bridge Prophecy."

The prophecy as William Branham told it:

A little later on, about two weeks later I was playing marbles with my brother, and I felt something come to me. We lived up on a hill, and the river was below us: a wilderness around. And I saw a bridge come up out of the wilderness. And it started across the river. Sixteen men dropped off in--into the water and perished. And I seen a big sign, it said "twenty-two years." I run in and told my mother. Oh, she said, "Son, you're nervous. You went to sleep and you were dreaming." I said, "No. No. I saw it." So they wrote it down on a piece of paper. And twenty-two years from then, the great bridge crossed the river, and twen--sixteen men dropped off of it and--and drowned in the river. Every time, it's perfect.  - 55-0626A MY.LIFE.STORY

The Clark Memorial Bridge was completed and opened to the public on October 31, 1929 – thirteen years after Branham claimed to have this prophecy of men falling from a bridge twenty-two years later.  It was built less than twenty years after Branham claimed to have been born later in life (1909).  Ironically, it was opened twenty-two years after one of the birth years Branham used during his ministry (1907).

A nearby Coast Guard station monitored the bridge construction, and the Coast Guard logs can be found on Searching For Vindication’s site.  This project was so successful, and with so few casualties, that the same strategy was employed in future projects.  In fact, it is still used today.

The video testimony stated that witnesses observed men falling into the concrete pour as scaffolding fell.  In a letter that has been circulating through internet chat rooms, posted in cars in church parking lots, and emailed to several cult members, a former mayor’s son claims that the ex mayor gave him this information.  Though this does not seem to match the video testimony, the letter has been authenticated as the same person in the testimony.

We began to investigate the architecture and construction of the bridge, and were able to find the original blueprints and reports from the builder himself.  During our investigation, and the day before an interview with the local news media, Our computers and external hard disks were stolen.  Fortunately, all information was backed up and recovered.

The construction of this bridge did not include a “concrete pour.”  Visible from the banks of the Ohio River, the pillars are constructed of granite block, and all are welcome to visit Jeffersonville, Indiana, and see.

Instead, the pillars were built inside caissons.  Workers would lay rock by day, and grout pumps would fill a layer of cement by night.  Cement was air fed into the structures, and layers of rebar are visible in the construction photographs of the bridge. 

If anyone fell into these pillars during construction, the worst case scenario would be a mess on their shoes.

But the video testimony places Voice of God recordings into a strange predicament.  If the testimony was accurate, the “22 years” and the “falling into the river” failed. If the testimony is true, the local residents of Jeffersonville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky have a mass grave inside of their bridge.  And in that mass grave, sixteen decomposing bodies leave the structure of the bridge unstable.  If the testimony is accurate, we must shut the bridge during one of the largest bridge construction projects in the last several years.

If the video testimony is not correct, then Voice of God Recordings is involved in a cover up for something much, much larger.  And all involved in the testimony are potentially part of the scam that is called “The Message.”

Either way this turns, local news is interested in a huge story.  On the one hand, we have a mass grave in the Ohio River that has been covered up for decades.  On the other hand, we have a religious cult that has sold products and services using false advertisement. 

During the past several weeks, we have been contacted by news agencies concerning this “mass grave.”  They each have been given disks that include the blueprints to the bridge, the final report detailing the stages of construction, the Coast Guard logs detailing the injuries, and a massive amount of information concerning false advertisement.  And they have been directed to the Jehovah Jireh foundation, which received the transfer of the $100,000,000 in assets received by Voice of God Recordings.

In their research, they have asked for testimony the journey out of the cult.  We want to open this up to you, and let your voice be heard.  The more voices that chime in, the more powerful the presentation.

I myself am a special case. My family was "message royalty," and I did not experience what many of you went through.  Some of the testimonies you have sent me are horrific, and I cannot even imagine what some of you endured.  As a “Collins”, we gained a respect that we did not deserve.

This is the time to let your voice be heard!  If you suffered, this is the time to help others free from suffering!  This is the time that you can extend a helping hand.

Please visit our website,  On the “Contact Us” page, please give us a testimony of your coming out of the cult.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please do. 

Many were molested.  Sexually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Stand up so that it does not happen again!

Some were strong-armed into the message under the disguise of “spiritual parenting.”  If you or your parents experienced this, please tell us how.

Most were afraid to leave.  Some were not free to leave.  Tell us your experience.  Were you free to go?  Were you disowned by friends and family when you left?  Were you impacted financially, abused physically, or attacked verbally when you decided to find another church?

Many tell us that this journey pushed them into depression, and the “shunning” amplified it.  How about you?  Did it affect your mental state?

Please tell us your story, your entire story.  What brought you into the cult?  What (along with God) helped you out?

God bless you!