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John Collins04/22/2014
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In the late 1600's and early 1700's, a "mystic woman" by the name of Jane Lead published a series of prophecies that some believe to have been foretelling the "Latter Rain Movement." In a series of visions, Lead describes a god that was hidden in mystery that was to be revealed by prophets and prophetesses. According to the series of visions, this future "restorer prophet" would bring restoration to both the church and to the fallen angels. Like Moses, this coming prophet was to begin the next Exodus. 

To those familiar with Gnosticism and the worship of "mysteries," "angels," communication with the dead, and other practices of the occult, Lead's religious movement that was called "The Philadelphia Society" would seem to be a religious cult filled with the worship of elemental spirits. But to the follower of William Branham, her prophecies will seem much more Divinely inspiried -- they seem to be promoting not only the coming "Messenger," but also his "Message." 

Now the third side of the Mount that lay Eastward, was also described to me by the Guardian Angel that kept the 3 Gates; that each Gate gave entrance into three several Courts. The First was to be filled with Prophets and Prophetesses, that were disciplin’d and train’d up there, by the great head Prophet Christ Jesus. Who was accompanied with all the Ancient Prophets, as with Moses and Samuel, Elias and all that were from the Foundation of the World, to Christ’s time. 
The Ascent To The Mount Of Vision, Jane Lead

It must be so, for a time, and time, and half time, and then the finishing of the Transgression and Sin will be: For then will Christ the eternal Root of Righteousness, in all, and over all, spring: So, as an Universal Restoration to all fallen Angels and Spirits, in Bodies, and out, will by Christ the quickening Spirit be set free. 
A Communication between the Saints above and the Saints below, Jane Lead

The second Gift is to have the Gift of Revelation opened as a spring that flows with Heavenly Doctrine for a true Teaching-Ministry to go forth with, to give feeding from a fresh Pasture, which hath not been defiled by unwashed Feet; the Holy Spirit do now in some foretell such Principal Shepherds are now to stand in this Latter Day upon the Earth, that shall not speak from Literal Tradition, but from the Revelation of the Holy-Anointing, the pure, and most excellent words of Wisdom, which will not be in the weakness of the Letter, but in the strength and power of the Spirit so made known. 
Enochian Walks With God, Jane Lead

It was Lead who established the fundamental ideas of Dispensationalism, promoting the idea that there were "ages" separating this time that between Christ's resurrection and His second coming. Though her Philadelphia Society has been long forgotten, her teaching emerged through John Darby, who many describe as the "father" of Dispensationalism. Darby's works were later promoted by Cyrus Scofield through the footnotes of the Scofield Bible, and this teaching that seems to have originated with Lead has now spread to the masses. 

Interestingly, Lead's prophecies were found among the possessions of those involved with the Pentecostal and Latter Rain movement. Her writings were found in the study of Charles Price, a California pastor associated with William Branham during the early part of Branham's ministry. It was during this time that Branham seemed to promote himself more as "Moses" than he did "Elijah." 

Like Joseph Smith of the Latter Day Saints, Branham claimed to have been visited by an angel. In Branham's accounts of this visitation, he would often describe the angel telling him the power of the mind with regards to healing. Branham would claim that if the he could make the people believe in himself, then no sickness would stand in his way. This statement was often followed up by Branham's claim that the angel said, "As Moses was given two signs before Pharoah, so shall you be given two signs."

Those who are familiar with this reference from Exodus 4 quickly recognize the error, because Moses was given three signs by God instead of two. As God was instructing a reluctant Moses to convince Pharoah to let His people go, God gave Moses two signs for all in the royal courts of Pharoah to witness. In front of the sorcerers, Moses was to throw his rod to the ground, and that rod would turn immediately into a snake. If this did not convince them, Moses was to place his hand into his cloak, and the hand would immediately be infected with leprosy. But of these two signs did not convince Pharoah, there was yet a third sign given:

If they will not believe even these two signs or listen to your voice, you shall take some water from the Nile and pour it on the dry ground, and the water that you shall take from the Nile will become blood on the dry ground.” 
Exodus 4:8-10

Ultimately, these signs by God did not change Pharoah's heart. The Bible says that God hardened the heart of Pharoah, and his heardened heart combined with his bitter anger towards the Children of Israel was enough to make God's children want to leave their fallen condition of slavery. They were not signs for God's children, intended to show the power of God against sorcerers, however Branham taught that these signs were to be used against his own. These signs, according to Branham, would convince the people to believe in himself [William Branham], and only then could they receive healing. 

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