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John Collins04/14/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

Many in the following of William Branham are familiar with his captivating stories of his childhood days, roaming the hills of Kentucky as he supported his poor mother and siblings by hunting, trapping, selling the skins, and eating the meat. Most of Branham's claims to spiritual events involve the wilderness, and in his descriptions of the great men of the Bible, Branham was quick to point out their "love" for nature. 

Believers dedicate songs to the memory of the "Cabin's Location," a small one-bedroom log cabin where his mother poured coon grease in the matted eyes of the eight other children packed into the structure. Interestingly, the Branham family moved to Indiana before William was age three, and it is very unlikely that he would have retained any memories of the place. But the reality is that only two siblings occupied this cabin during the time William lived in it. 

The 1930 Census gives the birthplace for both of the parents, and each of the siblings. At the time of this census, Melvin was 18 years old, while William was 21. The record also shows that William was born in Kentucky, and that Melvin was born in Indiana. According to this census report, Branham would have been three years old when Melvin was born in Indiana. The records for the rest of the siblings also show Indiana as the state of birth. 

Ultimately, census records place all of Branham's childhood stories in the category of fiction. The hunting, trapping, selling skins, and other activities of a young adult would be impossible when you consider the fact that William Branham would have been under age three.

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