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A Strange Birth

John Collins04/13/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

Starting in 1952, William Branham told a story about a mystic woman, a fortune-teller, who told him that his birthdate was significant in the world of astrology. According to Branham, the woman quickly recognized his "spirit," and asked him, "Sir, did you know that you were born under a sign?" 

Using this theme, Branham started promoting the idea that "before God does anything on earth, He declares it in the heavens," using the star that the Magi followed as his example. He then claimed that the same star that led the Magi to Christ is that which announced the arrival of William Branham to this earth. 

This story was tied to the birthdate that he started using in August of 1950. According to Branham, April 6, 1909 was his birthdate, and a supernatural being visited him as he entered into this world. He claimed that the "being" returned to tell him that he was chosen to spread the "message of Divine healing to the peoples of the world." 

There is just one problem: this was one of three different birthdates he gave, all having different years, and two of which were tied to spiritual events. Only one birthdate can be correct, which would indicate that one of the spiritual events cannot be accurate. 

In a 1949 sermon given to followers of false prophet John Alexander Dowie, Branham reminded the congregation of Dowie’s prophecy regarding the coming revival. In this sermon, entitled "I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision," Branham promoted the idea that he was to bring the revival that Dowie promised would come. Two years later, addressing Raymond T. Richey, Branham reminds Richey of Dowie's prophecy. In this sermon, Branham makes the claim that Dowie "died on one day, and I [William Branham] was borned on the next." Both Richey and F. F. Bosworth were taught under the ministry of Dowie, though Bosworth had co-founded the Assemblies of God under which Richey was ordained as a minister. To these men trained under Dowie, Branham's claim to have been born the day after Dowie died would have been very appealing. Dowie died on March 9, 1907, placing Branham's claim of birth to be March 10, 1907. 

But this was not the second date Branham gives for his birthday—though it was the second claim to a supernatural event. On his marriage certificate, William Branham claimed to have been born April 8, 1908. Thus, we have three different years, three different days, and two different months for Branham's birthdate -- all dates given by William Branham himself: 

  • March 10, 1907
  • April 8, 1908
  • April 6, 1909
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