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California: Still Standing

John Collins04/11/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

The last year of his ministry, William Branham condemned Los Angeles for rejecting his ministry, and pronounced judgment against the city with a punishment of destruction. Branham claimed to have been given a vision by God in which the God compared Los Angeles to Capernaum. In this vision, Branham claimed that God destroyed Capernaum by pushing it beneath the sea for rejecting Christianity. 

Capernaum was a fishing village at the time of the Hasmoneans (140-116 BC). It is still located on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee to this day. Archaeological excavations have revealed two ancient synagogues built one on top of the other. Capernaum was spared by the Romans during the Jewish Revolt (AD 66-70), and was referred to as a fertile spring in the writings of Josephus. Many homes were built in the 4th century, and one of the homes was greatly transformed in the 5th century. Evidence shows a constant transforming city since before the days of Christ until about the 5th Century. It has never been under the sea. 

It is common knowledge that California sits on a fault line that produces major earthquakes , and it was common knowledge long before Branham made the prediction. Los Angeles is particularly brittle under its foundation, which is a science William Branham discussed in his sermons—also before the prophecy was given. given. 

Others have recorded predictions that an earthquake would sink Los Angeles, dating back to at least 1937. While in a hospital, a 17-year-old Joe Brandt had an out-of-body experience that was so clear to him that it was written down and formed into a book in 1965. 

I've been thinking about it all morning. I'm going home tomorrow. It was just a dream. It was nothing more. Nobody in the future on Hollywood Boulevard is going to be wearing earrings—and those beards. Nothing like that is ever going to happen. That girl was so real to me—that girl with those kids. It won't ever happen—but if it did, how could I tell her (maybe she isn't even born yet) to move away from California when she has her twins—and she can't be on the Boulevard that day. She was so gosh-darned real. The other thing—those ham operators—hanging on like that—over and over—saying the same thing: 

"This is California. We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going into the sea. Get to the mountains. Get to the hilltops. California, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Utah. This is California. We are going into the sea." — The Coming Earthquake – Joe Brandt

Branham claimed that he could see nothing past 1977 except devastation, and made that very clear throughout his ministry. According to a book by Pearry Green, Branham said he saw that Los Angeles would be under the ocean before his son Billy Paul grew to be an old man. He claimed that he saw sharks swimming in the streets where they were standing, in front of May's Department Store. One would conclude by combination of multiple prophecies that Branham believed this event would happen before 1977. 

"Billy, I may not be here but you won't be an old man until sharks will swim right where we are standing" 
—The Acts of the Prophet, Pearry Green, page 119

Billy Paul Branham was born on September 13, 1935, meaning he is at a ripe old age of 78 in 2013. Yet William Branham himself claimed to be an "old man" at age 56. One would also conclude that Branham's description of the vision would picture a man much younger than his own age. Regardless, Billy Paul Branham outlived the life expectancy for men at the time William Branham made the claim to this prophecy.

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