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Easy Questions

John Collins04/04/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

When you first stumble onto your first discrepancy in either the doctrines, prophecies, or life stories of William Branham, it can be overwhelming. One false statement exposes another, and another after that. Very soon, you find yourself digging through mounds of information to find very little that is not fiction.

Sadly, there are many who start digging only to find themselves consumed with questions that have no answers, and they quickly return to their former state in a worse condition than when they started. Without a clear plan of action, these people are not willing to dedicate the time to untangle the mess that is lies beneath.

It's best to start with the easy questions. We've lined up the topics that are easily proven fiction by Scriptural truth, historical fact, and Branham's own words. As you gradually start to untangle the truth for yourself, the easy questions will give you breadcrumbs to follow as you dig deeper into the deceptive teachings and fictional stories. For example, when you listen to a man claiming all other men are going to hell for wearing shorts, it's very easy to identify the false doctrine when you catch the man wearing the shorts himself.

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