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John Collins04/03/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

William Branham promoted the idea that Jesus Christ of the New Testament was Jehovah of the Old Testament, which is the fundamental teaching of Charles Taze Russell. While Branham taught that Jesus was the fullness of God, he also taught that Christ was not eternal. 

According to Branham and Russell, Jesus was the archangel Michael, who fought the angelic wars in heaven. Satan, who was equal in rank to Michael, became consumed with his beauty and was cast down from the heavens. While Michael remained at the side of the throne, Branham taught that Satan designed women, caused her to fall, and turned the entire earth into his own "Eden."

Branham taught that Christ was born by immaculate conception, yet was nothing more than a man. It was not until his baptism that God "poured Himself" into the man, Jesus Christ, and according to Branham, this is when Christ became the "god-man."

But this "god-man" was limited in power. According to Branham, Christ did not have the power to heal unless first having seen a vision from the Father. And at an ultimate showdown in the Garden of Gethsemane, angels sat around watching as the "god-man" was changed again into a mortal human being. Jesus, according to Branham, died as nothing more than a man. 

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