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Ground Rules

John Collins04/02/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

William Branham promoted the idea that an ascetic lifestyle would produce "rapturing faith." Throughout the course of his ministry, Branham listed several forms of entertainment, articles of clothing, sports, and other forbidden pleasures that he believed true Christians should refrain from. Though many of these are no longer required in the denomination of faith that follows William Marrion Branham, some isolated churches remain who mold their lives to these extra-biblical doctrines. Since Branham's death, those who firmly support this doctrine include additional requirements for their members and expand upon Branham's rules to create a stricter code of conduct. 

According to William Branham, the following are not permitted. Some of the items listed bind closely to his latter description of the "Mark of the Beast":


  • No watching television
  • No watching movies
  • No comic books
  • No rock music
  • No telling jokes

Dress Code For Women
  • No trousers of any kind
  • No shorts
  • No low cut, sheer or form fitting clothing
  • Any garment that shows the knees is forbidden
  • No painting fingernails
  • No "booster" bras
  • No high-heeled shoes
  • No open-toed shoes
  • No earrings
  • No cosmetics
  • No haircuts, trimming, or split-end removal
  • No wearing "dime store jewelry"
  • No wearing the latest fashion

Dress Code For Men
  • Must wear pants
  • No shorts
  • No suede shoes for men
  • No sideburns for men
  • No bangs
  • No flat-top haircuts

Eating Rules
  • No eating hybrid food
  • No eating eggs
  • No soup suppers
  • No drinking alcohol

Women In General
  • Women are forbidden to work
  • Women are forbidden to vote
  • No birth control
  • No loving dogs
  • Must be divorced if they cut their hair -- THUS SAITH THE LORD

Men In General
  • Naming your son "Ricky" is forbidden
  • Naming your son "Elvis" is forbidden

Sports And Recreation
  • No baseball
  • No basketball
  • No bowling
  • No ball games in general
  • No pool games
  • No bingo
  • No bunco
  • No dice
  • No cards
  • No dancing
  • No parties
  • No sunbathing
  • No hula hoops
  • No swimming parties
  • Men swimming in the same pool with women is forbidden

Dating Rules
  • No kissing (before marriage)
  • No marrying a woman who has been kissed
  • Interracial marriage is forbidden
  • Breaking a marriage engagement is forbidden

Household Rules
  • No Easter bunny
  • No Santa Claus
  • No animals in the house
  • Putting fuel in your vehicle on Sunday
  • No living in valleys
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