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Marks of the Beast

John Collins04/01/2014
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Followers of William Branham are trained to believe that the parable of the "foolish virgins" in Matthew 25 is referring to the churches of the twentieth century, the followers of Branham being the virgins who kept their lamps trimmed, and all other Christians who did not accept William Branham's teachings being the foolish virgins who were caught unawares. According to Branham, those who believe in the "prophet for their day" will be raptured before the tribulation, while all other Christians will suffer torment.

In the early part of his ministry, William Branham claimed that communisim was the Mark of the Beast, and claimed that he prophesied of the rise of communism in his prophecies of 1933. But in the latter part of his ministry, Branham claimed that all denominations that rejected his message had already taken the Mark of the Beast, promoting the idea that there were two classes of people: us (those who did not have the Mark), and "them" those that rejected his ministry and had taken the Mark of the Beast.

Branham's timeline for this event to take place is difficult to pinpoint due to his varying thoughts on the subject. In some places, Branham promoted the idea that the Mark of the Beast would come after the Bride had been raptured and the Great Tribulation had begun, while other places Branham claimed that all other denominations had already taken the Mark. When Branham started promoting the Jewish Mysticism teaching of "Serpent's Seed," Branham began to promote the idea that the Mark started in the Garden of Eden, and those that were from the seed of Abraham were the only ones who did not have the Mark within them.

Thoughout his ministry, Branham taught that one or more of the following was the "Mark of the Beast": 

  • Communism
  • Apostacy
  • Union of Churches
  • Unbelief
  • Catholicism
  • Rome
  • Not having the Gift of the Holy Spirit
  • To blaspheme the Holy Spirit
  • Any denomination of faith other than Branham's
  • Not descending from the seed of Abraham

Over time, this teaching resulted in a strong separation between Branham's following and other Christians. While Branham claimed that the Mark of the Beast would happen after the rapture, he began to promote the idea that denominational churches had already taken the Mark of the Beast. Those inside the churches were already condemned to eternal separation.

The churches Branham name specifically as the "evil ones" were: Pentecostals, Presbyterians, and Baptists.