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A Cloud By Day

John Collins03/31/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

In late February of 1963 a strange cloud formed over Northern Arizona. This cloud slowly formed into a ring, floated across Arizona from west to east, and drew nationwide attention as scientists tried to determine its origin. Though examination of his recorded sermons prove that he was in Houston, Texas at the time, followers of William Branham believe that he was standing underneath this cloud as it passed by. According to Branham, he was hunting javelina during this angelic visitation, and he witnessed the event as it took place. However, hunting season fell in March that year — not February when the cloud occurred. Nevertheless, followers of Branham are taught to believe that this cloud formation is actually a photograph of angelic beings. Branham claimed that seven angels visited him on the day the cloud appeared, and that the cloud was a trail of water vapor they left behind as they exited the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Incidentally, Branham’s first mention of this cloud did not take place until June, when he was given a copy of the Life magazine article that described the cloud formation. Prior to seeing the magazine article, Branham claimed that these seven angels met him in his room in Jeffersonville to give the revelation of the Seven Seals. After the publication, the story of the cloud and hunting trip became integrated into his sermons with descriptions of his seeing this cloud form in the skies as the angels made their ascension.

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