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A Pillar Of Fire By Night

John Collins03/30/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

In a January 1950 meeting in the Houston Coliseum, a photograph was taken of William Branham as he stood behind the pulpit, preaching. The photograph contains a streak of light above William Branham's head, and the Branham's followers believe that the photographer captured the same "Pillar of Fire" that led the Children of Israel out of Egypt — though the photographer and those seated in the photograph did not see it themselves. According to Branham, this was the same light that the Apostle Paul witnessed in the desert, and God allowed it to be photographed as a supernatural sign to his followers.

Followers believe that this picture was authenticated by the "head" of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, sent immediately to Washington, DC for verification, and hangs still today in a place called the "Religious Hall of Art." Branham claimed that George J. Lacy, the man who examined the photograph, was called in from California specifically to examine the photograph. Though Lacy was not employed by the FBI and was local to Houston, he did sit on the board for The American Society of Questioned Document Examiners, which was engaged by the Bureau from time to time.

In his examination of the photograph, Lacy confirmed that the photograph had not been altered, but did not confirm the source of the light. And though the photograph is similar to other pictures taken in the Houston Coliseum, followers of Branham believe that the source of this light was a supernatural being. Though William Branham claimed that this photograph was the only one God allowed to develop, other photographs of the event were printed and published in the local newspapers. 

After taking this particular picture, however, the photographer would not it until it was copyrighted with the Library of Congress. Because of this delay, an issue of Branham's magazine, The Voice of Healing, was held back until the photo was released. 

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