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Faith Healing

John Collins03/29/2014
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Partnered with Ern Baxter, William Branham travelled the world to pray for the sick. While Baxter filled tents, auditoriums, and open spaces with people eagerly listening to his preaching, Branham would follow up with prayer lines for those in need of healing. Through the widespread reach of the Apostolic Faith Missions, the Baxter-Branham campaigns quickly spread into South Africa, which would produce a large number of followers in the southern regions of the African continent.

Joining them was Frank Francis Bosworth, whose background to the faith healing ministry would become a fundamental element to the religious teachings of William Marrion Branham. Bosworth himself was a depression-era "faith healer," receiving his doctrinal teaching from the world-renowned faith healer, the late John Alexander Dowie. Through Bosworth, Branham became familiar with Dowie, his teaching, and his once great following in Zion City, Illinois.

Branham's own faith healing-ministry was in full-swing in 1945, as described in a pamphlet, "I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision." In this pamphlet, Branham described a vision that he claimed was been given to him by God, in which he saw a large group of people in white robes which represented his followers. In 1949 Branham updated this commission to include the story of an angel visitation, which Branham would later claim was the beginning of his faith-healing ministry. 

Through the years, the description of this angel and the description of the surroundings frequently changed, from a clean-shaven man to a man with a long, black beard or a long, white beard, sometimes wearing a turban. This life-changing event happened, according to Branham, in either a cave, a cabin with a window, or some other unknown location, but all described the same underlying story: An angel in the form of a man instructing Branham to elevate the people's faith in William Branham. Branham would often quote this angel as saying, "If you can get the people to believe in you, then nothing will stand in your way, not even cancer." 

Branham's campaign would issue "prayer cards" to the sick and afflicted, asking them to describe their illness and give their name and address. These cards were taken up by the ushers and would then be given to Branham for prayer, and Branham would call the numbers associated with each prayer card. As people approached the pulpit, Branham would claim God had revealed the information written on those same cards to him, a gift Branham called "discernment." Though it is not often mentioned in the churches in this movement, during the early part of his ministry Branham claimed to have experienced vibrations in his hand as a person approached the platform. These vibrations, Branham claimed, would cause the color and the temperature of his hand to change. This "gift," according to Branham's story about the angel, was a parallel to God speaking to Moses. Branham would often describe the words of the angel, "As Moses was given two signs, so are you given two signs." Because of this, pastors in the Branham movement teach that of the three signs given to Moses, only two of them were truly "signs," the other was simply another plague. (God’s signs to Moses included the staff of the serpent, the leprous hand, and the turning of the water of the Red Sea into blood.) - See more at: