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Toddler Prophet

John Collins03/24/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

Followers of William Branham believe that as a toddler, young William became the mouthpiece for God to his parents, telling them that they were to move near a city called 'New Albany'. In the accounts given on recorded tape, Branham claimed that a voice spoke to him from a tree and gave him this prophecy. According to Branham, this event happened at the early age of fifteen months -- a time when most children are learning motor skills and attempting to grasp the basics of language. 

As you will find with the descriptions of many of Branham's prophecies, the details of this prophecy change over time, and it was not a gradual progression of change; the changes in detail seem to differ from telling to telling. While sometimes he claimed this vision came to him at fifteen months, in other sermons he described this prophecy being given around age four. And while age four would seem more likely — at an age when the language skills would have developed enough to correctly communicate this prophecy to his parents -- The Branham family had already been in Indiana for almost a year. The birth of William's younger brother, Edward "Humpy" Branham, took place after their move. 

If we examine the birthdates of his siblings, combined with Branham's descriptions of the toddlers in the log cabin, we find several conflicts with the idea that Branham had sufficient language and motor skills to properly relay this vision to his parents, or to even understand what a 'city' meant. Branham would often describe himself as wearing a toddler's dress, and described "Humpy" as crawling around in the same outfit. According to Branham, this vision took place while Humpy was still crawling on the floor in that dress. Humpy was born in Kentucky on May 12, 1910. During these life stories Branham would claim to have been born April 6, 1909. He claimed that the family moved less than a year later, which would place the family's relocation around May 12, 1912 -- assuming Humpy was walking by the age of one year. The next brother born into the family, Melvin Branham, was born in Indiana in 1912. Only William and Humpy were born in Kentucky. 

But if we bind these prophecies to a 'toddler prophet,' we create other major conflicts with the life stories. Branham claimed to have supported his poor mother and siblings after the death of his father, Charles, and this support came through hunting and trapping to sell the skins of his prey. While it would be a phenomenon for a toddler to have the language skills necessary to understand and relay a prophecy from God, it would be an impossibility for his tiny arms to carry the rifle as he wandered through the wilderness. These stories of his childhood included accounts of his other siblings in the log cabin, but with only Branham and "Humpy" being born in Kentucky, the other children in the story did not yet exist. 

As this prophecy is tested, we find several major issues. And unlike the prophets of the Bible, this prophecy was not written down by scribes, handed down through time until the event happened, and tested according to the vision's accuracy. The only way we have to test this particular prophecy is through Branham's accounts of the vision, which would imply that we are studying a fictional prophecy.

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