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Jim Jones And William Branham: The Open Door

John Collins03/23/2014

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The Branham Cult will tell you that William Branham had the power to peer into the hearts of men, revealing even their deepest secrets.  So overwhelming, in fact, that he claimed he must be carried from the platform after the "Spirit" made use of his body for this "discernment."
Did his "discernment" fail during a five-day joint healing campaign with the infamous Reverend Jim Jones of the Jonestown Massacre?
His opening statements to the five day campaign:
"Thank you very much. Now, before we set down shall we just pray a moment, as we bow our head. Blessed heavenly Father, as we come into Thy Presence tonight, with glad hearts... Oh, to hear the testimonies of Thy children that Thou has delivered from the wages of sin; and has healed their sick bodies; and giving them happy, joyful hearts to serve Thee, we're very happy. And we pray, God, that this will be the beginning of many others, that maybe, is suffering tonight, may be healed and delivered from their afflictions. May it be the hour, that when many will make their eternal decision for their eternal destination, by choosing the Lord Jesus and forsaking the world. Grant these blessings. Hide us behind Calvary tonight. And may we see Him, Who said, "I am the Resurrection and Life." And as we think, in this dark hour that we're now living, of what could happen, we're so glad to know that a settled faith in Christ can take its stand on the Rock of Ages while the troubled waters are beating at its feet, and look away across the sea, Who said--to Him Who said, "I am the Resurrection and Life." There rests its assurance that someday its Creator and Maker will come pack it away. Help that faith to be anchored in every heart tonight, as we go into the service for Thee. In the Name of Thy beloved Child, the Lord Jesus, we ask it. Amen. Be seated. Today has been a great and wonderful day for me, this afternoon and through the day, of many interviews and so forth, with the different delegations that's coming and the planning for services in the future and so forth. And then, once in a while on the street passing someone who is sick and see the hand of our Lord reach out in mercy to them."
Branham, 56-0611 Hear Ye Him
Statements made a few months after the joint campaign with Jim Jones:
Happy to see today as our host pastor Brother James Jones, from Indianapolis, back there. So happy, and the brother from Spindale, also. Brother Winston Hare from California... I believe just as looking, I seen Brother Sothmann here with last from--from up in Canada, where we just had the great meeting up there. And many other friends, that's just come... It certainly is a privilege today to speak to such a host of people, who I--I'm expecting to live an eternity with in glory. 
Describing a "vision" of the people during the five-day campaign.  We have not yet been able to identify any such vision on the sermons during that series.  Nor have we been able to identify any instance or reference to Jim Jones.  The portions of the recorded sermons offered by Voice of God Recordings for the Indianapolis campaign at the Cadle Tabernacle do not include those portions of audio.
I want to ask you something. Do you feel strange? I--I'm not going by feelings, but I'm going by that vision, and--and something's happened here. Now, I believe that if there's anybody crippled or afflicted, I believe you're healed. I--I--I... Something... I believe that every sinner's forgiven. I believe the Holy Spirit's going to baptize this place, illuminate it. Are you ready, people? Are you ready to receive it? Look at the people standing up just automatically. Here it is. Why, it's all over the building, everywhere. O God, our heavenly Father, pour Thy Spirit. I condemn the devil” Branham,
56-0614 God Provided A Lamb
William Branham's doomsday prophecy was 1977.
Jim Jones' doomsday massacre was 1978.