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The Forest Cathedral

John Collins3/12/2014 9:53:08 PMGoing through the changes in the different versions of "The Table", and came across this "addition." It is really convenient to have the ability to add prophecies after the death of the "prophet," giving you the ability to morph the religion into anything you would like it to become.

...especially if you are considering building a "forest cathedral." Can anyone guess what we will see springing up out of headquarters next?

From "The Table"

1 [There is no audio for this text. Brother William Marrion Branham received this vision on October 30, 1962, Tuesday morning about five o'clock at his home in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Later that morning he went to the Branham Tabernacle office and met with his son, Brother Billy Paul Branham, and said, "Paul, I had a vision from the Lord last night, and I want you to type it out for me like I am going to tell you, and file this away." He later speaks of it, November 4, 1962, on Blasphemous Names--Ed.]
It came to pass while I lay on my bed, this morning about five o'clock A.M., that this vision appeared to me, but I do not understand at this time.
It seemed to me that I saw myself preaching, and that I was standing in the sun. I was preaching to a huge congregation which was seated in a wooded area where just portions of the sun was coming through. I was rejoicing deep in my heart, all thrilled, because of the text that I was preaching from.
The subject would have two climaxes. I was laying a background for my first climax, when all of a sudden I noticed that it was getting late, near the noon hour, and my congregation began to get physically hungry. And they started getting up and walking out, with the intention of returning, but they must have physical food according to their thinking, and some were just getting tired of listening.
I noticed to my right side some young married people were leaving, and I screamed out to them, "Don't go! For all these wonderful things that I have showed you, you don't know where they have come from or where you can find them!" Then that was to be my first climax. I grabbed my Bible and screamed, making the climax, "They are found in the Bible, for I am commissioned to preach only the Bible!" But the congregation walked on.
I looked towards the forest church, and no one was there. Then I turned, and I said that was the first climax, but in my heart I knew that they would be back for the evening service, and all I would have to do would be lay a little background of my morning service, then I could reach that great climax for the evening service. And my heart was so thrilled, as I turned from my forest cathedral, to wait for the evening service to begin.
Brother William Marrion Branham