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Rev. Jim Jones and William Branham

John Collins03/12/2014
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Harmless to follow a man?
“I understand that we have an evangelist song leader here from Indianapolis. I believe he sings at CADLE TABERNACLE. Is that right? All right, sir. THAT'S HIS PLACE at Cadle Tabernacle. How many remembers E. HOWARD CADLE? Oh, my! God rest his precious soul. The mockingbird of the air, a woman that I loved to hear sing, better than anybody I nearly ever heard sing in my life, was Mrs. Cadle, singing, 'Ere you left your room this morning, did you think to pray in the Name of Christ our Saviour, as a Shield today?”
Branham, 62-1014E A Guide
“What if I could call this morning... What if I could go call E. HOWARD CABLE, an old friend of mine with the CADLE TABERNACLE, was a drunken sot laying out yonder, and the flies blowing his mouth and the vomiting in a barroom and a... What do you think if I could go to the celestial realms of glory and call Howard Cadle down this morning to testify? You've heard his broadcast for years through here.  A bosom friend of mine down from Milltown, Indiana, where I pastored a little old Baptist church down there. I'd say, 'Brother Cadle, I want you this morning, in the face of the Philadelphian Church, tell me Who you think the Son of God is?' Hallelujah. If he could walk down tonight he'd say, 'I was a drunken sot. I was laying yonder drunk, debauched, and dying. And a little mother out behind a corn crib somewhere praying in the Name of Jesus Christ, when He sent His Angel to deliver me and made a minister that sent thousands of souls to the glory Land.”
Branham, 53-1213M What Think Ye Of Christ
[Newspaper advertisement of 'The Open Door' by Rev. Jim Jones of the People's Temple.  William Branham is 'Special Speaker' at Jones' meeting at the Cadle Tabernacle June 11-15, 1956, in Indianapolis Indiana]
[One page mailer of same advertisement]
“Thank you very much. Now, before we set down shall we just pray a moment, as we bow our head. Blessed heavenly Father, as we come into Thy Presence tonight, with glad hearts... Oh, to hear the testimonies of Thy children that Thou has delivered from the wages of sin; and has healed their sick bodies; and giving them happy, joyful hearts to serve Thee, we're very happy. And we pray, God, that this will be the beginning of many others, that maybe, is suffering tonight, may be healed and delivered from their afflictions. May it be the hour, that when many will make their eternal decision for their eternal destination, by choosing the Lord Jesus and forsaking the world. Grant these blessings. Hide us behind Calvary tonight. And may we see Him, Who said, "I am the Resurrection and Life." And as we think, in this dark hour that we're now living, of what could happen, we're so glad to know that a settled faith in Christ can take its stand on the Rock of Ages while the troubled waters are beating at its feet, and look away across the sea, Who said--to Him Who said, "I am the Resurrection and Life." There rests its assurance that someday its Creator and Maker will come pack it away. Help that faith to be anchored in every heart tonight, as we go into the service for Thee. In the Name of Thy beloved Child, the Lord Jesus, we ask it. Amen. Be seated. Today has been a great and wonderful day for me, this afternoon and through the day, of many interviews and so forth, with the different delegations that's coming and the planning for services in the future and so forth. And then, once in a while on the street passing someone who is sick and see the hand of our Lord reach out in mercy to them.”
Branham, 56-0611 Hear Ye Him
“Now I wish to take just a moment here; I think it's my lot to teach tomorrow afternoon here I believe, at the Tabernacle. Is that two-thirty? At two-thirty for just about thirty minutes I suppose, or whatever the 'lotted time is. [Brother Joseph Boze says, "Two hours."--Ed.] Couldn't do that, Brother Joseph. But He... We have some at... It's very nice of you to say those things, because I-I know there's just--there's one thing... Someone was trying to give me a doctors degree not long ago. And I said, "I'm too smart for that." I said, "I--I know better; the people does too." So... If a man knows his limitations and..." Now with my old Kentucky "his," and "hain'ts," and "tote," and "fetch," and "carry," you know people know how I wouldn't be a doctor of divinity. And so I--I'm just Brother Branham, you see, so... And so, but in the audience tonight is many real men deserving who are doctors of divinity. How I wish I had their education and had their ability to do that they can, but I haven't got it. So I just have to depend on God to work on your hearts that to believe what I say, that's all, only way I know.”
Branham, 56-0611 Hear Ye Him
JUNE 14:
“Now, we have one more night after tonight in this lovely gathering here in the great Cadle Tabernacle. And we're so happy to be here; and for the Open Door to meet together, worship the Lord. And the Lord has been blessing us tremendously, I feel. And this great convention that has come to Indianapolis, and I am so happy that they invited me to have a part of this convention: to speak to you, the purchase of the Blood of the Lord Jesus. I've often wondered what I would do if I have two drops of the literal Blood of Christ, that I could hold in my hand in a charger. How I'd walk with it so carefully that I would not spill it. But I think tonight, I have in His sight, greater than two drops of the literal Blood. I have the purchase of His Blood before me. So I'm very careful of what I say to the purchase of His Blood.  So it was... It's our intention to try to help further the cause of Christ and make people--the world, as Mr. Cadle used to say it here at the tabernacle, 'A better place to do--easier to do right and harder to do wrong,' something of that order. And many of you has heard the--the brother say that. And we're thinking, tonight that he is--a place where they'll never be any more wrong: in glory. The Bible said, 'They rest from their labors, but their works do follow them.' And that is right. The Lord bless the--this Word. Mr. Ford, that I just had the privilege of meeting, just a few moments ago, a very fine Christian gentleman... “
Branham, 56-0614 God Provided A Lamb
“So LAST EVENING we was trying to speak on Abraham. And I got part of the way through to my text, and we had to hurry. So I thought, maybe, TONIGHT I’D FINISH IT UP and give us a chance to dismiss a little earlier. And maybe tomorrow night, being the great press... TOMORROW NIGHT IS CLOSING OF THIS CONVENTION, and usually on that night, there's more takes place than any other night; because it's the--the pressure, the anticipation. And many times, as far as the healing that they press hard, and they know they've got to have faith right now or not have it at all; so they press right up. And usually our Lord does great things for us. So we're expecting tomorrow night... And will you pray with me that there will not be one sick or feeble person left among us?”
Branham, 56-0614 God Provided A Lamb
“I want to ask you something. Do you feel strange? I--I'm not going by feelings, but I'm going by that vision, and--and something's happened here. Now, I believe that if there's anybody crippled or afflicted, I believe you're healed. I--I--I... Something... I believe that every sinner's forgiven. I believe the Holy Spirit's going to baptize this place, illuminate it. Are you ready, people? Are you ready to receive it?
Look at the people standing up just automatically. Here it is. Why, it's all over the building, everywhere.
O God, our heavenly Father, pour Thy Spirit. I condemn the devil”
Branham, 56-0614 God Provided A Lamb
“Life is a [CENSORED] disease.  It’s worse than cancer, it’s a disease!  And there’s only one cure for the [CENSORED] disease!  That’s death!  [MEMBER FROM THE CONGREGATION SAYS, ‘THAT’S RIGHT.’]  And socialists can only take one form of death, what is it?  Fight a [CENSORED] war, or revolutionary suicide.”
Jones, 1978, Jonestown
This is a sincere question.
Why do they not allow the followers to have access to those sermons?