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John Collins03/02/2014
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It is amazing how much I can learn about my past religion from studying a secret society.

This week, I was in San Jose, California (A city William Branham frequented), and had some extra time to tour the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Presented to the public in 1928, it was an amazing place – an entire city block dedicated to the archives and study of the people claiming to be the "Order of the Rosy Cross." On the grounds were beautiful gardens, a library filled with ancient "sacred texts," a museum housing the North American continent's largest collection of Egyptian and Babylonian artifacts, and more. A magnificent planetarium sat in the building next to the museum, where Rosicrucians studied cosmology and astrology and even predicted earthquakes and volcanoes. Over 4000 original artifacts were on display, only 32 of them replicas.

Their facilities were fully dedicated to the principals of Egyptian mythology, study of the pyramids, and more, promoting doctrines and theology "built on esoteric truths of the ancient past," which they claim to have been concealed throughout time. During the opening statements of the tour, the tour guide proclaimed that Rosicrucianism was not a "religion," but a philosophy -- much like one would hear when entering monuments dedicated to Buddhism.

Rosicrucianism was believed to be founded in medieval times by Christian Rosenkreuz, basing their following on two manifestos written in the early 1600's. Like the "message" of William Branham, this secret society began spreading doctrines that were considered to be "mystery truths" that were necessary for a reformation of mankind. It associated itself with the Lutheran reformation, strongly opposed to Roman Catholicism, but with additional "secret mysteries" that the bride of Christ needed for enlightenment. These secrets, they claimed, were hidden for centuries until the “end time.”

To the reader who has been involved with the religious following of William Branham, this will sound all too familiar. Branham's "message" was that of "hidden mysteries" that were kept secret from the church down through the ages, and he claimed that a "little light" came through Luther and Wesley, until the bride of Christ was ready for the rapture. Those that have been fortunate enough to see Branham's pyramid tomb, with the capstone in the shape of a dome with an eagle's wings spread for flight would shudder in cold chills as they studied the drawings in the ancient texts. Especially interesting was a picture of the "Temple of the Rose Cross" from 1618, eagles wings spread on top of the dome of the temple. Throughout the sacred texts were symbolism bound in the eagle, depicting the time of fulfillment, messengers, and God Himself. The "Time of fulfillment" was represented by an Eagle with six wings. The eagle was later integrated into an "18 degree Knight of the Rose Croix," which became the primary symbol for freemasonry.

When the Pentecostal Revival broke out, there were many groups that attached themselves to the signs and wonders of the Azusa Street Revival, but none so interesting to the follower of William Branham than the Rosicrucian Fellowship. This fellowship, an "International Association of Christian Mystics," was founded in 1909 by Max Heindel who claimed to be heralding the coming "Aquarian Age." Heindel claimed to be bringing forth the "true Philosophy of the Rosicrucians," which presented Esoteric Christian mysteries, or esoteric knowledge. Heindel began preparing his Rosicrucian teachings into a publication entitled "Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception," which was printed in 1909 and sold 2500 copies in the first edition.

This esoteric knowledge included the secret of Divine Healing.

Much like the "message" of William Branham, the Rosicrucian Fellowship held spiritual healing services that were combined with doctrinal teaching of mystery. And like Branham's claim that the "three Bibles" were the "Zodiac, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the King James Version," the Rosicrucian Fellowship combined the written scriptures with study of the pyramids and astrology as "Bible interpretation." These mysteries were believed by the following of both groups to prepare the "soul body" and usher in the "Second Coming of Christ."

To those interested in studying the belief system of the Rosicrucians as compared to the ministry and doctrinal teachings of William Branham, you will find an endless trail of similarities. Due to the complexity of both mysterious groups, and their many “splinter sects” with intricate webs of additional doctrinal teachings, it is a study that could consume a lifetime to research. So I decided to outline a few of the major points and point you to some research materials for your journey to begin:

Moses and Elias:
Some groups of Rosicrucians believed they were the “children of Moses,” while others believed they were the “Order of Elias.” During the first part of Branham’s ministry, he promoted himself with associations to Moses, claiming that an angel “commissioned him to heal the sick” by comparing him to Moses. During the latter part of his ministry, Branham promoted himself by comparison with Elijah (Elias), with stories strangely similar to that of Elijah, Elisha, and John the Baptist (Spirit of Elias).

Procession of Prophets:
Both groups promoted the idea of a procession of prophets, focusing on the messenger rather than the One who sent him. Rosicrucians believe the procession to follow the path of Moses, Elias, Ezekiel, and the procession of prophets after the timeline of scripture. Branham promoted the idea that God sent “one prophet per age,” ignoring the many prophets on the scene during Babylonian invasion and captivity of Jerusalem.

The Rosicrucians included astrology in their worship, using the alignment of the stars as spiritual signs from the heavens. Branham taught his following that the “first Bible” was the Zodiac, and included the alignment of stars into promoting his ministry.

Rusicrucians include the Great Pyramid of Giza and all of its remaining artifacts into their philosophy. Not only is the museum a standing dedication to the study of ancient Egypt, many of their ancient texts include portions of Egyptian mythology and history. Branham taught his following that the “second Bible” was the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Both groups promote the idea of dispensationalism, separate “ages” of mankind. Rosicrucians believe that during the middle part of these ages, the “secret mysteries” were hidden from mankind. Their “dark ages” aligned perfectly with Branham’s description of the “light” being hidden throughout the dispensations he copied from Clarence Larkin’s “Dispensational Truth.”

The Spirit Body:
Both groups promote the Gnostic idea of a “Spirit Body.” This body, according to the Rosicrucians, was part of a “threefold spirit,” which was nourished by the light. Branham’s promotion of the Jewish Mysticism doctrines of the Garden of Eden included a period where a “Spirit Body” roamed the earth without the “fleshly body.”

Hidden Mysteries:
Rosicrucians believe that the truth has been hidden in mysteries down through the ages, to be unveiled before mankind at the appointed time. Branham promoted the same idea, teaching his followers that God’s “appointed time” was during his own ministry.

Divine Healing:
Both groups believed that one of the “mysteries” was Divine Healing. From The Real History of the Rosicrucians:

"This Rosie Crucian Physick or Medecines, I happily and unexpectedly light upon in Arabia, which will prove a restauration of health to all that are afflicted with sickness which we ordinarily call natural, and all other diseases. These men have no small insight into the body; Walfoord, Williams, and others of the Fraternity now living, may bear up in the same likely equipage with those noble Divine."

Three High Words
There were three words Rosicrucians spoke during their meetings, believed to bring the speaker into a higher state of spiritual enlightenment. Branham claimed that he spoke “three high words” before performing his healing rituals, though only those in his secret fellowship knew what those three words were. From the Rosicrucian “Autumn Equinox Service”:

Reader unveils Emblem and gives salutation: "My dear Sisters and Brothers, may the roses bloom upon your cross." (Answer from audience: "And upon yours, also.")

"God is Light."

Each time we sink ourselves in these three words we lave in a spiritual fountain of inexhaustible depth, and each succeeding time we sound more thoroughly the divine depths and draw more closely to our Father in heaven.

Anti - Catholicism:
Both groups strongly opposed the Catholic Church, promoting the idea that Luther was part of the revival bringing forth the “light” for the “last age.”

Balaam The Anointed:
Esoteric texts promote Balaam as an anointed one, who had the same state of enlightenment as Moses. To the Rosicrucian, Balaam represented the psychic stage of nature, but not necessarily the spiritual, which is a “dangerous combination.” Branham promoted the very same doctrine.

Fountain of Multi-colored Light:
Rosicrucians promote the theory of “The Dew of Lights,” which is a “Fountain of Light and not one of water.” Branham promoted the idea that God was a fountain of multicolored light.

Earthquake Prediction:
Rosicrucians use cosmology and astrology to make predictions of the fate of the world, including earthquakes and volcanoes as “spiritual science”. The San Jose Rosicrucian study included a planetarium along with the library of “sacred texts” and museum of Egyptian artifacts. Branham admitted to have studied the science of earthquake prediction in written articles before proclaiming “judgment on the West Coast,” when he prophesied that Los Angeles would sink beneath the ocean before his son, Billy Paul Branham, was an “old man.”

Evolutionary Change in Gender:
Rosicrucian prophecy predicts an evolution of men and women into a more common relationship; women becoming more masculine and men becoming more feminine. Branham’s ministry promoted the same idea, focusing not only on the outward appearance, but also the psychological makeup.

One-World Religion:
Rosicrucian prophecy predicts a time when all world religion will join together as one. This prophecy is to be fulfilled immediately before the “enlightenment” of its followers and the restoration of the hidden “mysteries.” Branham’s “message” promoted the same idea.

Till We Meet Again:
Both groups ended their services with the song “God Be With You Till We Meet Again.” Below is the refrain of the song, as sung by the Rosicrucian:

"Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet, the Rosy Cross to greet,
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again."
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