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Raping Women

John Collins2/19/2014 10:20:05 AMVideo available here:

William Branham spoke often of women being raped.  What was his obsession?  Was this a 'gospel' based on fear?

"But the Lord showed me a vision of the great powerful woman, in '33, 1933, it's on paper. Of how that 'Roosevelt would cause... he would help cause the world to go to war.' How that 'Mussolini would make his first invasion to Ethiopia and he would take it, but he would come to a disgraceful end.' And how that 'Then the three ism: Nazism, Facism, and Communism, would all wind up in Communism.' And how many in here remembers me just keep having you stand, just say it over, I'd tell you, 'Watch Russia! Watch Russia, the king of the North! Watch Russia, king of the North! Watch Russia, king of the North!'? How many has heard me just say, just wave that over, over? The old-timers, you see, back in the early part of the church. Just stand there and wave it over and over, 'Watch Russia, the king of the North! See, what he would do, for all those isms will heap up into Russia.'"
Branham, 60-1211E

"Now, remember, there's going to be millions of Americans meet their doom...?... What would hinder tonight for this whole nation to be destroyed within five minutes? What did science say the other night, this nation--nationwide broadcast on that? We're five years behind Russia. They got a sputnik, and they can put a man in it, dozens of them, send them up there in sky, and move right over this United States and say, 'Surrender, or go to powder in a few minutes.' 'Course, we would surrender to save our life.  What would happen? Russian soldiers pouring in by the millions, running into the streets, and grabbing the women, ravishing young girls, sweethearts, whatever it was. Don't make any difference to them. Sure. They're communists, cold-hearted. What would happen? Go right into a nice home, kick you out of it. They'll use it theirself. It's Russia's then, and we're a satellite."
Branham, 57-1215

"By this time tomorrow night (hear me), there's not a thing, not one thing, that would keep shipload after shipload, plane load after plane load of Russian soldiers right out here, grabbing these women, and ravishing them in the street, and doing what they want to. Come in, and if they like your house, kick you out of it, and that's it. What are you going to do? Ungodly, barbarous men who doesn't know nothing about God and cares that much less... You say, 'God does that?' He certainly does, according to His Bible. He has a punishing whip when His people won't obey. There's not a thing.  What would our Pentagon do, if Russia did such a thing, and say, 'Now, surrender, or go to ashes.' We'd have to surrender, only sensible thing to do would be surrender. They're up there: we can't bring them down. They've got their guns on us. Just about three or four of them bombs, and that settles the whole thing. Oh, she's all shook up, brother, sister. The nations that are such a tremendous nervous condition tonight, till they don't know what to do. A great writer said the other day, there's one little thread between the smartest of us and total insanity."
Branham, 58-0520

"We're at the time of death. We're setting in the doors of death. The nations is in the doors of death. Russia has discovered a new weapon now, as you all heard on the radio and things. They don't have to come over here and blow it up with a bomb. They can just bring a little something over here, and get amongst their spies, and spurt a little stuff out in any nation, and everybody will be paralyzed for twenty-four hours. Come over and, when you wake up, there's a Russian kicking you in the side, a big Russian guard taking over your home, ravishing your wife, throwing your children out in the street, and taking your home. They can do it. They wouldn't lose one thing. They've got it. Nobody knows what it is. See, everything working up in... Now, they can use that and not be afraid of it, because no one else has it."
Branham, 60-0417S

"What you fussing and hollering about Russia? Huh! You don't hear me telling you to build a bomb shelter, do you? What you fussing about Russia? Russia ain't nothing. They ain't going to win no wars. They ain't going to conquer no world. Communism isn't going to conquer no world. What's the matter with people? Can God's Word fail?  Listen, this on tape now. To the world, I speak, or wherever these tapes may go. And to you people here, no matter whatever happens to me, you believe this.  Russia, communism, isn't conquering nothing. God's Word can't fail. Romanism is going to conquer the world.   Let's take Daniel's vision. That's the Word of God. 'Thou, O Daniel...' 'Thou, O King Nebuchadnezzar, is this head of gold,' Babylon. 'Another kingdom will succeed thee, which is silver,' see, which was Medes-o-Persia. Another one was Greece, Alexander the Great. Next, come in, Rome. And there wasn't nothing said about a communism. Rome conquered the world.  Jesus Christ was born in the Roman kingdom, and persecuted, His first time come here, by the Roman kingdom. And on His second Advent, Coming now, His Message is persecuted by the Roman denominations, which is the mother of all of them. And when He returns, He'll come back to wipe out that Roman kingdom, that the Jews has always looked for Him to come and wipe out the Roman kingdom.  The Catholic hierarchy with all the denominations in the world, right now coming together as an organization, the confederation of churches organizing themselves together. It isn't Russia. It's Rome. THUS SAITH THE LORD"
Branham, 62-0311

A "gospel" based on fear is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love."
1 John 4:18