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The Fruits of Trick Photography

John Collins02/01/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

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"If it runs off of the edge with any picture people bring me, I say light got in your camera. And brother Fred Sothmann had a Poloroid camera that had a flaw and every picture he took had it that a-way. And he would show it was the pillar of fire.

And I think I’ve told you people the story about the house up here. They took some for brother Elsie Mains and brother Straham which is related to brother Billy Wiggins, and they were saying look a there, the pillar of fire’s over brother Branham’s swimming pool. And I’m working on the den hanging some curtains my mother made. And I told them, I said, ‘Brothers, there’s a way to find out whether that’s the pillar of fire or not.’ They said, ‘How’s that,’ I said ‘Well that lawyer across the street,’ I said, ‘He’s fought y’all on everything you’ve done, zoning and all,’ I said, ‘Take a picture of his house and see if the pillar of fire’s on it.’

Well, brother Sothmann didn’t want to take that picture.

So I asked brother Mains who the film belong to in that Poloroid camera, and he said, ‘mine.’ I said, ‘What do you want a picture of,’ and he said, ‘We’ve only got one left, but I want a picture of that house.’

So they went outside, and I kept hanging the curtains. Little while they came back inside, and nobody said a word about that picture. But I noticed in brother Sothmann’s shirt pocket, that picture was stickin’ in his pocket. I was hanging that big long curtain up there that was made out of ‘toe sack material’ I called it, and I was up on the ladder and I asked brother Fred if he’d take a broom and hold this rod up there while I put a screw in it. And when he came over and did that, I reached down and took the picture out of his pocket.

And I said, ‘Well, look a there! There’s a pillar of fire over that lawyer’s house!”
- Pearry Greene, “Personal Knowledge Concerning The Cloud”

Asked to Fred Sothmann: “When brother Branham was baptizing the people, what happened?”

“Well, you know, I’ll tell you really what happened. That was the second coming of the Lord but nobody caught it. You know, John introduced Him when He come down to the water there, introduced Him, that was the Messiah, didn’t he?” – Fred Sothmann

“Now everybody thought brother Branham was John the Baptist. NO! John the Baptist into Jesus Christ! And brother Branham was the one hay bailers like me that introduced him, but he was GOD! Nothing short of it!” – Fred Sothmann

“He told the people exactly down the street how far the water was gonna come, it was twenty-one feet and a few inches and when they measured it, it was exactly twenty-one feet and a few inches. Exactly! Who could do those things? Just wake up! That’s all. Wake up and see Who’s in your presence! Nothing short of almighty God” – Fred Sothmann

“Do you know that brother Branham did more than Jesus Christ did? Jesus Christ always done things by a vision. Brother Branham says, ‘now this is not no vision and cursed be the person that’ll open your eyes and lift your head up when I tell you to put your head down and close your eyes and he healed a blind woman in Chicago. And things like that, creating squirrels, that’s greater than Jesus done! Jesus took fish and give ‘em more fish but He never created anything! But brother Branham created!” – Fred Sothmann

“Brother Branham was the One that came from heaven and opened the seals, he was no church member! He was almighty God, the Lamb, that came and opened the seals!” – Fred Sothmann

[When asked if he attends the Branham Tabernacle] “Every church worships Satan! Did you hear that? He [William Branham] said it! Do you believe it? See, they all believe the devil. And they don’t know it, they think they’re believing God!” [brother asks, “but Joseph [Branham], they are going there?] He’ll go there once in a while, I don’t think he’s going there any more. But it was the last chance for them, him going there now to see the real thing if they will accept it. But they reject it.” – Fred Sothmann

“Brother Collins? I know him well! He even one time when his wife was sick, he asked me to come and pray for her. And when I prayed, I say, ‘Brother Branham, will you please touch this sister and make her well. Amen. - Fred Sothmann