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It's Time To Stand Up

John Collins01/28/2014
Seek The Truth Blog


Many of you that have taken your stand for Christ around the world have came to that place where you realize that the "Message of the Hour" is a different "gospel" that distracts its followers from the Gospel of Jesus Christ we find in the Bible. Of the hundreds we are working with in our private groups, a large number of you have decided to leave the cult church you are attending. Some have made their stand for Christ public.

But many are afraid. Many have family still trapped inside. Many have strong ties to pastors, deacons, worship leaders, elders, and other men that will turn away and even alienate their own family for this false gospel. Many have that initial fear that this "god of wrath" will punish them with eternal seperation for simply questioning their religion, very similar to the people in Martin Luther's reformation. Each and every private group working with Seek The Truth, Believe The Sign, Searching For Vindication, Morning Mercy, or The Bitter Belly contains a large number of broken people living in fear -- many of which read every single post in horror while never commenting until they decide to stand up for Christ.

You will remember a few years ago, Voice of God Recordings published their last attempt of ultimate control in a publication entitled "Here I Stand." And many remember the "message pope"'s statements naming the Message of the Hour as his "absolute" over the Word of God. It outraged many of the ministers in the churches that are now focusing their sermons on the exodus rather than the Word of God. Some churches overseas pronounced anathema. They were willing to examine the obvious surface to this movement, but like you, were in fear to examine the tree with branches that bore the fruit.

It is time to stand up. Those of you that have made your journey through the emotional roller coaster that begins when you realize this new "absolute" was absolutely fiction can remember the sleepless nights, loss of appetite, battle with depression and anger. You've read books like "Out of the Cult and Into The Church," recognizing your journey was a textbook experience for those once trapped inside a religious cult. You recognize the insulting anger and rage coming from the pastors, unwilling to leave the ninety-nine sheep to help the one that begins to seek truth. You recognize the families who will do the same, willing to sever ties rather than face the questions themselves. Like you were, they are living in fear.

If you have made it through the worst of your journey, and feel the strength to stand, please take the time to send your name, number of years in your "message boot camp," and position in the church. Show your new strength for the hundreds that you've now spoken with who are too weak to stand. Let them find strength in your experience.

Below is a post by Believe The Sign, with a link to sign up as a witness to others.

"Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered." ~ Romans 4:7
In the past we believed that William Branham was Elijah the Prophet in fulfillment of Malachi 4:5. We apologize to anyone we may have affected as we lived and shared this false doctrine. We realize now that we minimized the power of Jesus' death on the cross to completely save the lost, and replaced it with faith in a man. We also realize that we minimized the power of the Holy Spirit in our churches, our lives, and in the lives of others. Today, we acknowledge faith in Christ alone, and we ask for your forgiveness.
Click the link below to see who is making this statement, or send us a message or email to add your name to the list.,_corrected

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