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The Da Vinci Code

John Collins1/21/2014 12:54:32 PMSo I was watching a documentary on Da Vinci, and they were discussing his obsessive use of "27's" and "72's" in his work. It raised my curiosity.

Seems as though 27 is heavily used in astrology, specifically Indian astrology. (There are 27 signs of the zodiac in Indian astrology) 72 is the counterpart when decoding the geometry in the zodiac symbols (the offset of 27).

Some time back, I was looking at WMB's crazy use of the number 17. Seems as the 17 is related to the 27. Search the message for "twenty-seven" or for "seventy-two." It is CRAZY!

Abraham was exactly 27 years old, while Sarah was exactly 17! That cancer weighted exactly 27 pounds! New Albany had exactly 27,000 people in it! 27 hours, that cataract will fall! 

The more you study Branham's numerologies, it leans further and further away from simple horoscopes in the newspapers.  WMB may have been deeper into the occult than we realize...