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You're Not Alone

John Collins01/14/2014
Seek The Truth Blog

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You are not alone.  You are loved.  You are included in the prayers of hundreds of people around the world.  You are a child of God, and He promised never to leave you or forsake you.

For a long time now, the mystery of Searching For Vindication has held captive audiences on the edge of their seats as they wondered just how large this army of people might be.  Digging through archives, government facilities, and more, it would seem that a special ops task force would need to call for backup in order to achieve what they have in just a short time.  But now, the mystery is revealed.  The mystery revealed, pointing to Christ, the Mystery Revealed.

Like so many of us, this husband and his wife sought out to determine if the faith they held dear was justified.  So many in this religious movement repeatedly make statements like "The truth will stand against all scrutiny," or "God's message has no error, and yet the world has rejected it."  

A few of us did reject, and our friends and loved ones quickly turned us away.  Our shepherds abandoned us to corral the other ninety-nine in the fold.  Our brothers and sisters drew us out of their circles of fellowship, and it has raised the question in many hearts:  Is this the Fruit of the Spirit?

So with so many against us, one man and his wife decided to stand up for us.  They wanted to show us the truth, they wanted to search, find, and deliver the vindication of William Branham's ministry.  They left the sheepfold to find the one lost sheep, looking for answers to lead us back into the fold.

And vindication was there.  They found vindication, but not pointed towards William Branham and his ministry.  Searching For Vindication found vindication of every single passage in the New Testament describing the false prophets and false teachers that would come with great signs and wonders to deceive.  They vindicated the Bible.

Their findings has circled the globe many times now.  Around the world, there are hundreds making their exit from the following of William Branham with a resounding statement of faith:  "We stand for Jesus Christ."

I want to personally thank them both for their hard work.  I want to thank them for their sleepless nights, their persecution, their loss of friends and family, and their strong dedication towards helping others who are now making their journey back into the Body of Christ.  

Words can never express our gratitude.  There will never be a way to truly repay them for pointing a soul towards Jesus Christ.  This body, this life, this world, will all pass away.  Their reward is not in this life, but their reward will be eternal.

We are all planters of seed.  God gives the water, God gives the Sonlight, and God gives the growth.  But one day, when we get to the other side, I'd like for all of you to join me in showing them just how many seeds that they have planted.  As we sit around the throne, talking, laughing, and enjoying one another in the presence of the One died for our salvation, I want to be the first to say, "Jesus, go give them a great big hug!  They did more than their fair share in pointing others back to you!" 

Those of you that are just now starting your journey into the Truth, listen to their words.  You are not alone.  We love you, dearly!  We want you to know that we are here for you.  We are praying for you.  We want you to have that same feeling that we now have, free to worship Christ without the filter of a man.  

Please take the time to give them a Thank You on their website in their recent blog post!