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Power In The Gospel

John Collins12/22/2013
Seek The Truth Blog

There is Power in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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This is a statement that has become very real for us. The saving Grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is sufficient, and the work that our Redeemer did for us on the cross is complete. Once for all.

Many have forgotten what this means. The word “Gospel” means “The Good News,” and there is enough meaning in those three words to fill a thousand books. The Good News that our Messiah came to earth is incomplete without understanding why He came and what He accomplished.

For almost two years now, Seek The Truth has been dedicated to spreading awareness of the deception through fictional stories and ever-changing prophecy found in the ministry of William Marrion Branham. Our mission was a cry for others to take notice, and ask themselves the question: “If William Branham was not truthful about what we believed to be spiritual experiences, can we trust his Bible teaching? Does the “gospel” that he spread match the Gospel found in the Bible?”

Others have taken notice. Around the world, God’s children are starting to awaken. They are starting to realize that there is only one way that leads to salvation, and that way is not paved through any man or any man-made doctrine. There is only one Truth, and that Truth is that Jesus Christ came to offer salvation to the lost that will believe in His Name. It is given by Grace, not works, through unmerited favor.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a story that starts in the book of Genesis and can be found through the Bible up until the last verse of the last chapter of Revelation. But it does not end there. Jesus said that when He ascended to the Father, He sent His Holy Spirit to dwell within us. That same grace that was offered two thousand years ago is still being offered today.

To the Jews burdened by Law, Jesus was the Messiah. By abandoning the Old Covenant and the Law of Moses, the Jews had fell under the curse of the Law. Each and every one of the three hundred curses was upon the Children of Israel, and the final penalty was death. It is only because of God’s love for us that He sent His Son to die in our place. It is only by His Grace and Mercy that we are called His own.

The prophets were heralds of the Old Covenant. As Israel strayed further and further from the Law, God spoke through the mouths of mortal men to warn of the coming judgment. When the Law was abandoned, the prophets began to foretell of the coming Day of the Lord, the day of wrath that was to come upon the Jews for failure to save themselves through the works of the Law. But hidden in mystery was the announcement of a Kinsman Redeemer, one who would turn the hearts of the children back to their fathers. A Savior was coming who would restore Israel to the same state of Grace that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob knew. Israel would be restored to the same faith of the fathers with the burden of the Law removed from their backs. Christ would fulfill their part of the Old Covenant, and offer himself as a sacrifice for the final atonement of sin.

But is this Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, the same Gospel that we find in the ministry of William Branham?

It is a new year, and a new beginning for hundreds of people around the world. Many of these people have never heard the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many churches have long forgotten this Good News, and have turned away to rely on works-righteous faith.

Starting with the New Year, Seek The Truth plans to examine the Gospel of Jesus Christ and compare it to the teachings of William Marrion Branham. There is only one Gospel by which man can be saved, and that Gospel is found in the Word of God.

Join us as we examine the scriptures. In them, we can find eternal life!

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